Monday, July 9, 2018

The 4th

We had a nice 4th, very chill, and relaxing. We slept in, had a big breakfast in the park with my family, played a game of baseball which was my favorite part, went to incredibles 2 where I laughed so hard I cried, had a bbq at our home in elk ridge with Stan’s parents and watched the fireworks over the valley from our backyard.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Our Weekend at Wolf Creek

Stan and I recently were given a timeshare and it’s been a lot of fun. It was like buying a house in the sense we had to sign a bunch of paperwork and get it notorized. We first used the timeshare back in January when we went to Bear Lake for my birthday, and this past weekend we used it again and this time went to Wolf Creek. 

Wolf Creek is fun because they have lots to do at the resort. We could swim, play tennis, pickle ball, basketball, spike ball, tetherball etc

There is also a nice reservoir that was surprisingly warm. So we spent a few hours there as well swimming. 

We had fun together and that’s the most important part. It doesn’t matter what we do, it matters if we have fun together, if we make good memories, if we grow closer together as a family. This weekend I feel like we did. We had fun and we’re a closer family because we spent time together and that’s really why I loved this weekend. 

Pineview Reservoir  

Stan held the baby so I could enjoy a long swim with the three older boys. William didn’t last too long, but I ended swimming with Gregory and George for a while. We were playing with a beach ball, it blew away in the wind and I had to swim far and fairly fast to retrieve it. We were swimming in a cove and I was grateful that the boats and jet skis didn’t bother us here, and thankfully the wind didn’t blow the ball outside this area. We did swim next to people in kayaks and paddle boards. It would be fun to have a canoe or something in the future, but not necessary. 

Walking home from the hot tub.

Boys playing in the kiddie pool.

A day at the pool. 

I had to keep Tiberius in the shade so he didn’t burn. I came out for a few photos then went back into the shade. 

Both mornings when we woke, we headed straight for these sport courts. The resort had all the equipment for us to use for free, so we were able to play together. I hadn’t picked up a tennis racket in years, it was fun and William loved it too. Gregory and George liked it as well, but also enjoyed playing 1v1 basketball. I really loved how beautiful and green everything was.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Gregory is double digits!! 10 Years Old!

We had a really nice day celebrating Gregory! We left the house early and went to Stokes and got balloons, headed to Walmart and got everything else... then we grabbed lunch at Burger King. The boys were able to play Fortnite before the friend party began. The friends were all very nice, brought gifts, and had fun together. We jumped into the pathfinder and went laser tagging. After the friend party we cleaned up for the family party. We are lucky to live by family again, and it was fun having both grandparents and a couple cousins and uncles there.

Gregory is an amazing boy! He has so much love for his three younger brothers. He looks after them and makes life fun for them. Sunday afternoon he wanted to help prepare for his birthday so he cleaned the entire house, even the kitchen, mopped the floors and did it all while I was in my room rocking the baby. It was a really wonderful surprise! What 10 year old boy cleans that much without being asked for his own birthday?!! 

We are so proud of you Gregory, We Love you!