Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The 4th

I've been looking forward to spending the 4th of July, which happens to be my fav holiday, in the USA for four years because the previous years I've been living abroad.

This past 4th that dream came true and I was able to be home. It was a nice day, not perfect as it had a few bumps, but I want to focus on the highlights of the day. 

1. Stan, the boys, and I went to Old Navy & The Gap first thing in the morning and bought patriotic shirts.

2. Stan had a fun time playing with my brothers! He played spike ball for the first time and his team won.

3. My kids were able to hangout with their cousins.

4. Brunch in the Park

5. Fireworks 💥

I'm already excited for next year, making plans and hoping to start some new traditions while keeping some old ones too.

Happy Independence Day 2017

Monday, July 3, 2017

Summer Surgery

It's hard to have a chronic illness and feel sick most of the time. 

The last month I have felt especially sick. I had strep throat but with meds recovered okay, but I've been dragging my feet. I ended up in the ICU and then surgery. They found from a CT scan that I had a Peritonsillar Abscess or a complication of tonsillitis in which the infection spreads behind the tonsils and it created an abscess with 2 TBs of infection. My white blood count was almost at 20 the day of surgery. Having a Peritonsillar Abscess is very rare, fewer than 200,000 cases per year in the US. In order to get to the abscess, they had to take my tonsils out and drained the abscess. 

Here's a journal entry of my experience in the hospital:

I had surgery today. I was very emotional going into surgery but everything went well. They had to give me 4 different IVs and this made me on edge. My blood and veins were not corporating and I hate getting IVs. When they put meds into them they would  burn like having hot metal pouring in my viens, and I would try to scream but without a voice  it was counterproductive. 

Finally the anesthesiologist pulled out all my dumb IVs and even though his hurt the most going in I didn't feel any pain whtsoever after it was in and he pumped a lot of meds into me. Wish he had been there day one at the ER. 

I originally went to the ER Sunday because my throat was closing off and I literally had three to four people working on me at once. I had a tube in my mouth  pumping steroids to stop it from closing off, multiple shots being given in my right arm, and an IV being placed in my left arm. The adrenaline shot made me shake and they had to hold me down for the rest of the procedures and of course I was crying and couldn't stop the tears. I was given morphine and steroids through my IV and after an hour of meds being pumped into me like what you would expect from a tv episode, the doctors  were shocked and didn't know why I wasn't showing any signs of improvement. So they admitted me into the ICU and monitored everything for another two days. The next day after my CT scan and the contrast going into my faulty IV #2 was horrendous, they found that I had a large abscess behind my throat called A Peritonsillar Abscess, which is a complication of tonsillitis in which the infection spreads behind the tonsils. This is actually very rare, fewer than 200,000 US cases per year. Anyway, the only way they could drain it was to take out my tonsils which they did today and it was good that they did because they ended up draining over 2TBs of infection which is a lot and it explains how I could feel the lump that I thought might be cancer from the outside. Thank heavens it was not cancer. 

So now I'm doing much better. No more poison being injected into my body from the abscess and yes inflammation from my Crohn's Disease and having strep throat last month both led to the painful weekend. 

Everyone has been so kind to me, and recovery is hard and very very painful but Stan hasn't left my side since the ER and has made sure that I'm getting all my meds even all night long. I appreciate all the help, the jamba juice, and ER visits all lifted my spirits. I have the best family and friends.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Hill Air Force

Today we went with friends to see the big war planes. It was amazing! These planes hold so much history and adventure and sadness. It must have been so devastating to live during the world wars, to fight, kill and die for your country. I read one story about two men who were shot down, captured and tortured. One lived and the other died in a POW camp. I am truly grateful for the men and women who sacrificed everything to make this a better and beautiful world to live in now. We are so blessed.













End of School & Making YouTube Videos





Saturday, May 20, 2017

George's Graduation from Kindergarten

My eyes filled with tears as the program began. George is amazing, such a great kid! I'm so proud of him and how well he has managed moving across the world and starting a new school. I just don't want him to grow up.


Sunday, March 12, 2017

Gregory is Baptized

Gregory is being baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on Saturday, March 4th at 9:30 am. I want to document Gregory's baptism, it's a very important step in his life, and I hope that his baptism is a wonderful and spiritual experience. 

Baptismal Spotlight

Gregory Stanley Nelson, III
Cascade 5th Ward, Orem Utah Cascade Stake

Gregory is kind, compassionate, loving, athletic and very bright. He has lived in America, Ireland, and Australia. He is very capable at making new friends and adjusts well to new environments. He is the oldest child and does an amazing job at caring for and being there for his two younger brothers.

Gregory loves to be outdoors--biking, swimming, and playing soccer. He also enjoys reading and art. He's very creative, a team player, and a wonderful brother and son. Gregory loves being with people, he's a natural leader, and has a strong desire to choose the right.

We are so happy that Gregory wants to be baptized and confirmed a member of the church. This decision will bless his life and it will help his testimony grow. Making a covenant to take upon him the name of Jesus Christ, to serve Him, and be obedient will allow Heavenly Father to bless Gregory to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost and through the atonement of Jesus Christ be forgiven of sin. Gregory, we love you!

Gregory was lucky to have four grandparents AND four great-grandparents attend his baptism. Gregory's Great-Grandma Beth was there 30 minutes early so we were able to sneak in a photo. I love my grandma. I have so many fond memories with her. She makes me so happy, and when I saw her walk into the chapel my heart was full of joy and it brought tears to my eyes.

 This is another great-grandpa of Gregory's He is also my grandpa. I loved going to his house growing up just across the street where they always had yummy ice cream to eat. Grandpa would also bring us chocolate milk and fresh donuts from Provo Bakery every Saturday morning. Happy memories :)

 Gregory and his Daddy. I'm so grateful that Stan is worthy and willing to baptize Gregory. As Stan baptized Gregory I was overcome with the spirit, and felt the love of my Savior Jesus Christ. I know that Gregory made the right decision. This was a great day for him and for his eternal progression.

Grandpa and Grandma Nelson.
Grandpa was able to conduct the stake baptism the month that Gregory was baptized.

Family photos just before the baptism began. Happy Day!

Grandpa and Grandma Plothow. Gregory is so lucky to have so much love and support from wonderful examples. He loves his grandparents so much.

My Dad, Gregory's Grandpa Plothow made this for him. It was a very kind, thoughtful gift that will hopefully help Gregory to remember the sacred covenants he has made, and to look forward to and to prepare for future covenants. Gregory also got other gifts. Grandma gave him a glass crystal that he absolutely loves, and Grandma Nelson made him a blanket. Stan and I gave him scriptures with his name engraved on them. Overall, we had a lovely day and Gregory knew that this was his special day.

After the baptism many of our guests met us at Magleby's Fresh for brunch. We had a private room reserved, and it was a nice way to end the morning. It was great to have so much support. All my brothers and sisters were able to come but one. Lyndon and Christine currently live in Singapore with their three kids, so they weren't able to come, we missed you guys! Sam and Erin came up for their Spring Break from California, Maggie and Ky were there with three week old baby Everest, as was Edward, Hannah, and Ethan. Stan's brother and family were in town from Las Vegas so it was nice for him to have a sibling there too. We also had aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins and friends drive far and near to come, and we are so grateful for all the love. <3