Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Ankle

The other day I fell holding my 4 month old baby, George. In efforts to save my child, I twisted my ankle...check out these photos the night after it happened. So anyway, I cannot walk or do much but sit here and hold my baby and watch Gregory run throughout the house. I have had a lot of help from my moms, (my mom and mother-in-law) so it's been okay.

So while George takes naps and Gregory is playing around the house I've been working on my Dad's ONLINE OPTICAL. It's been fun creating this online store. Feel free to check it out if you are interested in getting a good deal on eyeglasses, sunglasses, or even prescription glasses :) 

I'm trying to develop a web presence so if anyone is willing to check it out I'd be grateful. Even better if you would add the link to your social networks such as facebook and twitter!

Well, George just woke up from his nap so I better hobble over to him....


  1. Brooke,

    Get that ankle checked out!! When I hurt mine I put off getting it checked out until it was too late. The problems I know live with would be much better if I'd gotten it checked out early on. Also, when they check it out have them check for CRPS.

  2. Is this Amy? Yeah, the night I fell we did go to instacare and they took a bunch of X-rays, and it's not broken. I just sprained it badly! What are CRPS?

  3. Fun to find your blog. Ours is

  4. Oh my gosh, Brooke! that's so sad! I'm excited to come and see you guys for the baby blessing, though.