Sunday, March 6, 2011

George Phillip Nelson, Born 11-11- 2010

There are many emotions prepping for my babies to be born. A cesarean is a big deal and there's a lot of prep work. The worst part for me other than my nerves, is getting the spinal block. It's necessary to numb everything very well, so that the surgeon can cut me open and get my babies out. I remember this experience very well, because the spinal block was first attempted by a medical student, who didn't place the needle correctly in my spine but instead sent pain down my spine each time he tried to get the spinal block in place. After about 15 minutes of him trying and me crying and with a few screams of pain, the seasoned anaesthesiologist came in and with one go had the needle in my back without any pain. All I could feel was a warmth coming into my back and soon everything went numb. I felt badly that the student never could get it to work on me, but I was grateful that the professional stepped in and did it right. As soon as the spinal block is in, I start to relax and I get really really excited to meet my baby boy! It seems like forever, as the doctors push and pull and move things around inside of me. I cannot feel pain, but I can feel lots of movement and pressure. Then after what seems like a very long time I hear the faint cries of baby George and I know that he's out. The doctors give him a good look over and they begin to clean off the blood, wrap him in a hospital blanket, then they finally give him to me. The first time holding George was absolutely wonderful. It brings tears to my eyes as I write this and remember my excitement and complete joy. George was born with a strong and loving spirit, and I felt eternally bonded to him from the moment I first held him. It never seems long enough and the nurses take him away, and that's when I look at Stan and plead for him to stick with our baby. I'm stuck in the bed and by this time I am feeling horrible. I always begin to vomit because I do not tolerate all the medicine that has been pumped inside of me. For a few hours after surgery I'm very miserable. Stan is such a good daddy and sticks right with each of our sons during this time. He helps wash them, and feed them, and just does everything and never lets our sons out of his sight. Then when everything is done, they come back to me and I get to snuggle again with my newborn baby and begin breastfeeding. Holding my newborn children for the first time is the more incredible thing that I have ever experience. There's nothing in this world that has brought me more joy than this. It's something I long for and treasure and will never, ever forget. How grateful I am that I have my three sons. And for being able to experience this complete joy three times so far!

This time was a lot easier! It was a scheduled C-section, and it all went well. We love you George Phillip Nelson! You are such a happy baby, you love to stick right with Mommy, and we love playing with Gregory and Daddy! I am way out numbered now. With a husband, two sons, and a male boxer...I'm the only girl and I'm really loving it!

Here is George being weighed for the first time. He was 9 lbs 4.4 ounces. Big baby boy!

We bundled George up and here he is coming home from the hospital. Such a cute little baby boy! He is such a sweet kid. Always has been so loving and has brought a sweet spirit into our home.

Stan, Gregory, and George hanging out. Gregory is 2 and George is just a couple of weeks old. Gregory always wanted to hold his baby brother. They have been buddies since the very beginning.

Gregory is holding George for the first time in the University Hospital in Salt Lake City where George was born.

Baby George

Sleeping George

We LOVE you George and Gregory. You've been a joy to our family from day one. Thanks for being such special boys. We all love you so much!

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  1. Yay Brooke! I'm glad that you're blogging. It's a fun way to keep in touch. You have such a cute family, can't wait to hear more about them!