Monday, March 26, 2012

A month before George was born, I wrote a story as if I were Gregory. I want to share it on my blog. It's called:

Who’s in Mommy’s Tummy?

By Brooke A. Nelson

Mommy and I are best friends. We do everything together. In the summer, we love to go on long walks, play at the park, and go swimming.


 In the fall, Mommy loves to dress me up for Halloween, we go trick-or-treating, eat soup in bread bowls, and jump in the leaves.


In the winter, Mommy dresses me warm and snug; we build snowmen, go sledding, and drink hot chocolate.

In the spring, Mommy and I clean our home, play in the rain puddles, ride bikes, and plan summer vacations.

But this year something is different…but what could it be?

In the summer, we started to go on a long walk, but Mommy said her tummy felt funny so we had to go home. At the park, usually Mommy pushes me on the swing and catches me on the slides, but not this summer. She sits on the bench and cheers me on. Daddy says there’s something in Mommy’s tummy.

As the leaves begin to fall, Mommy becomes more and more tired…what could be in Mommy’s tummy? This year, Daddy dressed me in my Halloween costume and we went trick-or-treating, while Mommy stayed home and passed out candy. She must have eaten a lot of candy because her tummy began to grow!

By Christmas time, something definitely was in Mommy’s tummy. She sat at the end of the hill while Daddy and I went sledding. Mommy looked like a snowman as she clapped her hands and had hot chocolate waiting for us to finished. 

One night as Mommy and I were rocking back and forth she asked me, “Do you know who’s in Mommy’s tummy?” 
I had many ideas of who could be in Mommy’s tummy. It could be a dinosaur, a  grizzly bear, or maybe my favorite toy train? Mommy smiled as I fell asleep in her arms.

 In the middle of the night, Daddy woke me up. He helped me get my slippers on and my warm winter jacket. Mommy was already in the car, they drove me to Grandma’s house.

Mommy gave me a big hug, she said that she loved me and would see me soon. It was a while before I could fall asleep again. I wondered now, really hard who was in mommy’s tummy?

 The next morning Daddy was there to pick me up. We ate banana pancakes and orange juice before heading to the hospital. I held Daddy’s hand while we walked through big revolving doors, up an elevator, and down many hallways.
We came to a room where Mommy was in a bed, she was smiling and very happy to see me. She was holding something.“Come in Gregory” she said to me. “Come look who has been in Mommy’s tummy!”  I crawled up in bed, right next to her. She put her arm around me, gave me a kiss, and handed me my new baby brother!

Gregory and George LOVE eachother soooo much. I am glad they are such great friends even at this young age. We love you George, and we are all so happy and grateful that you are in our lives!

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