Monday, May 21, 2012

Way Out in Tooele!

Growing up it was always the family joke that Tooele represented any place that was far far away, in the middle of nowhere. I never thought that this distant land would someday be the place I call home! I've now lived in Tooele for 1 week, 7 days. That's probably about how many times I've visited Tooele in my entire life. So why Tooele? Everyone seems to ask us why Tooele. I usually tell people it's because Stan started a new hobby, public transit/biking. Tooele forces him to ride his bike and take the bus to work. On days he goes to school, he has to get up at 4A.M. so he can ride his bike to the bus stop, go into Salt Lake City, bike from the bus stop to the Tracks Station, and take the Tracks to the end of the line, where he then again bikes to work. Then after work he has to bike back to the station, take another bus to Provo and attend his classes at BYU. He has his midterm tomorrow--Good Luck!

I've decided that some decisions are not logical. You cannot make sense of them except for the fact that the decision is right. Tooele is the right place for us at this time. We are lucky to have bought such a beautiful home, and it will be really nice once we get rid of all the boxes and find places for all our things.

This past weekend was our first here in Tooele. So we decided to get some food at Cafe Rio, yes they have all sorts of yummy restaurants out here in Tooele. Then we went to a Drive In Movie. I have not been to one for a long time. It was fun. We took our Jeep, and we folded down the back seats, and we had lots of pillows and blankets, and we watched two movies. The first I did not care for, it was called Lucky One. It was just OK. But then we saw Sherlock Holmes II and it was fantastic. Surprisingly our children did well, and fell asleep, and we all had a great time in the old fashion drive in movies!

Saturday we spent bringing in our furniture and assembling everything. We did have some fun visitors. Stan's parents came, and that was fun to see them. Then later in the day my family came over. We had dinner and they brought Blue Bunny ice cream. Sooooo good. Bunny Tracks is now one of my favorites!

For family night we went swimming at the Tooele City Pool. It was great fun and super cheap! It has a fun waterslide and a lazy river, so Gregory and George swam their hearts out! Stan was a good sport and watched us swim as he tried to study for his midterm tomorrow.

I guess life is full of surprises, and so far this one is turning out well! Tooele I think you're okay :)

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  1. Sounds like you guys are doing good. You should try blue bunny's super chuncky cookie dough. It is delicious.