Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My boys are growing up!

Why do they have to grow up so fast...?

It seems like a few days ago that I was bringing home Gregory from the hospital, then George, and now my two baby boys are growing up so fast! It breaks my heart, but I am so happy for them. They love growing up, becoming more and more independent, and being able to do more on their own. Time is such a weird thing, and it's moments like today when I'm home alone with my boys, not doing much, not in the mood to clean or delve into a new project, or finish unpacking the last few boxes still in the garage, that I realize how fast it all goes by. I'm not going to do much today other than just play with my boys. After George and Gregory woke me up this morning, we went downstairs and made breakfast. It was a weird breakfast, because being boys they wanted Mac and Cheese and hot dogs...whatever. So they ate that, and of course chocolate milk to top it off. I had my Yoplait vanilla light yogurt which I thought was yummy. Then we went to the basement, and all three of us fell asleep on the rocking chair as we were watching Phineas and Ferb.

This is a photo of George and I yesterday hanging outside our house. I was so stupid, we wanted to go on a walk, so I put them in the double stroller and we went for a LONG walk. After being out in the hot sun for over an hour we made it home...but I had locked us out of the house so we just sat there. Luckily, we only had to wait outside for another 30 minutes. Stan came home and rescued us!

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