Friday, September 21, 2012

Birthday Party, DI, Parks & Preschool.

This week has been a lot of fun! I have spent my week either at a park, planning and preparing for Stan's party, driving Gregory to preschool, and going once to the DI.

Tooele has some fun parks. On my way to one, I got lost and found many other parks along the way. My boys love to play at the park especially with our new friends in Tooele. One of my favorite days at the park, I had a lot of energy that day for some reason. So we all played duck duck goose, hide and seek, and we ran up and down the big hill. That particular park has a great grassy area, so playing games aside from the park itself was fun. But it's also a newer park, so the trees do not give much if any shade, and so after all the running around on a hot afternoon day we were hot and tired! I love warm fall days, especially when I spend them outside.

The cake was a huge success for me. I always want to create a masterpiece from scratch, and it's not easy. I wouldn't say this was a masterpiece, but it turned out well. It's a homemade white cake, with raspberry filling in between the layers, with a mixture of icing and cream mixed together then whipped inside the middle and on top. It was a little messy, but super yummy! I may need to whip a little longer next time so it holds better. There's not much left of the cake now, but the icing mixture did eventually set well after being in the fridge over night.

We also served homemade scones. We had honey-butter, powder sugar, raspberry toppings etc to go on the scones. With ice cream and brownies, there was definitely enough sugar to go around!

Gregory and George had so much fun decorating for the party. They were motivated to help me sweep, mop, and wash windows so that we could finally decorate for daddy's birthday. They really were great helpers!
When Stan came home from work, Gregory, George and I jumped out and cried HAPPY BIRTHDAY! That was Gregory's favorite part of the day! He thought we had truly surprised daddy on his birthday. He keeps asking me when it's his birthday again. It's not until June, so he will have to wait for a while yet. But George's birthday is coming up in November. That will be fun to celebrate George's second birthday!

Stan's birthday party is always going to be a surprise party. I've tried every year, and I don't think I've ever been able to pull off a surprise. BUT, I don't care too much. My focus is on having a fun party to celebrate Stan. We had some great friends come over with their adorable boys, and we had a blast! I love birthdays! A day to celebrate life, family, and create new happy memories :)

It kills me to send Gregory to preschool, and I would just skip it if he didn't LOVE it. He told me, after I had picked him up Thursday, that he wanted school to be longer. He was a big boy now, and he didn't want a short school! He is so funny. I told him school will get longer and longer until you reach college, then it will take over your life! I always loved school, learning, and having something to do and a way to achieve some level of success. Gregory loves other children, and the preschool that he's in is focused on having fun and learning all at once. I think it's a great thing for Gregory!

Today before heading to the park, we went to DI. This is so much better than Walmart when shopping for books and toys. If you give it a chance, you can find all sorts of fun stuff for cheap! My kids and I act like we are on a treasure hunt for some fun new toys and books. And at the end, it only costs a few dollars and the kids are so happy to have some new treasures!

It may have been a random act that we moved to Tooele, but life is good for us here. We are settling down, finding friends, and discovering fun things to do in our new hometown. I love spending time with my boys and Stan. This move has been a good one for our family!


  1. Fun! Wish we could have been there for the party. Its good Gregory likes school. Here is a tip for the whipped frosting. one package of pudding mix to three cups of cream. It is the best! Love you and hearing about your adventures.

  2. That's right. I think I learned that when I visited you and Lyndon in Tennessee. Thank you, I believe that would have helped! We wish you could have been here too, and we wish we could come to NYC to all your parties! Someday.