Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Magical Halloween Day!

A Happy Pumpkin for a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
Today was a perfect Halloween day. Stan was able to work from home so he did not waste the usual two hours commuting. Gregory, George and I carved pumpkins, well it was more like I carved pumpkins and they encouraged my efforts! After they were carved and we lite candles and placed them in the pumpkins, Gregory gave me a big hug and whispered, "I really love my pumpkin Mom" and with his little smile and twinkle in his eye it made for a magical moment.
For dinner we went to Apollo Burger. The boys ate well and were very behaved. Stan kept saying that the boys were doing so well, and Gregory was so pleased with himself that he was making his Daddy proud. Gregory often will ask, "Did I obey?" Just after the moment when he knows that yes he did just obey. Stan or I will quickly tell him that yes, indeed he did, and then he will reply, "YES!" as he clenches his fist.

Gregory is at that precious age, he has begun to understand the importance of obedience and following the rules. He wants to do what's right, and he knows that life is better and easier for everyone when he does. Of course he doesn't always obey, but today he seemed to be on his best behavior!

Gregory and George have had the opportunity to attend many events wearing their costumes this year. We were invited to the Tooele Mom's Group annual Trunk or Treat. This was a blast, the boys went around to all the trunks and received some candy. Then they had a costume contest and George was one of the winners. Gregory thought he won as well, and of course I told him that George and he both won. The next event was Boo at the Zoo! That was a lot of fun, despite the fact that it was super crowded. The kids dressed up again in their costumes and were able to be at the Zoo visiting their favorite animals. And if that wasn't enough, at several areas of the park, the Zoo was also giving away free candy. So my boys were able to trick or treat at the Zoo. At the end of our adventure there, they began to give the boys great big handfuls of candy. Needless to say, the boys came home with plenty of candy! There was another Truck or Treat in our neighborhood that we missed, but we are planning on attending it next year. Then today, the boys again dressed up for HALLOWEEN!

I don't know exactly why trick or treating this year was so magical for me. Maybe because last year was such a disaster. Maybe because my boys enjoyed themselves so much, and maybe because I dressed up too and really had a good time. Stan and I left the house around 6pm with Gregory and George. The boys could hardly wait. Stan was in charge of holding George's treat pumpkin and I held George because he tired easily, we needed to keep up with eager Gregory, and George kept tripping on his costume. Gregory and George raced to the door, and for the most part, took turns ringing the door bell. They couldn't believe that all they had to say was trick or treat and a stranger or neighbor would give them candy. It was awesome! The boys had such a fun time, so excited and just living each moment like it was the best moment of their lives. It was magical, could not have been better!

After about 45 minutes, Stan and I looked behind us to find Gregory lying on the sidewalk. He was done. So Stan and he raced home, while George and I tried to keep up. When we arrived home, the boys and I sat out on the porch. The boys loved being the ones now that handed out candy. We had left a bowl filled of candy, and I was happy to find most of it still there. So the boys handed out candy until it was gone. We did refill the bowl once. Stan downloaded Ghost Busters on the PlayStation downstairs while we handed out the goods to trick or treaters, then we all went downstairs to watch. Gregory and George fell asleep within 30 minutes, and we put them to bed after the movie was over.

Such a wonderful day! I love being with my family, and so happy for the magical moments that do happen all the time.

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