Wednesday, November 14, 2012

George's Second Birthday!

Birthdays are always a big deal, and this year George's birthday was a great success! I spent two days preparing, cooking, and baking for his big party. The day before, as a help to me, Stan took the boys outside and built a HUGE snow fort. The boys loved it, and so did Stan. This also gave me a couple of hours to get some stuff done for George's Birthday.
I could not believe how well the boys did in all that snow, and apparently Achilles loved being outside with the boys as well! After about 4 hours the snow cave was completed. It was fun to climb inside and as the four of us could all fit inside. I cannot wait until we can all sleep in one and go winter camping. We were thinking of trying it this winter, but George is only two, so maybe a touch too young.
Ok, back to George's birthday. We had a great dinner. We had ham, baked potato bar, salad, homemade rolls, cinnamon rolls, pumpkin pie, ice cream, and birthday cake.
  I wanted to do a dinosaur theme since my boys are into dinosaurs right now. So I had to do a dino cake. I also grew up on Disney movies, and one of my favorite is Pollyanna. In this film, Pollyanna sneaks out to the community fair and has the time of her life. One thing she loves at the fair are large slices of three layer cakes. So I always like to make three layer cakes when I can. So that is why this dino birthday cake is a three layer cake!

This Dinosaur Birthday Cake took many hours to make. I'm sure a professional could do something a lot better and faster, but regardless I am very happy with my results! George was also lucky to receive some wonderful gifts! He got lots of clothes, some spiderman snow boots, trucks that make a lot of noise and light up, animal hand puppets, books, handmade dinosaur hat and glove set, and an awesome garbage truck, and of course a stuffed dinosaur. We had a big group here, my family, Stan's family, and close friends. A big thank you to everyone who came and remembered my sweet George! Happy Birthday George, hope you had a great day!  

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