Sunday, January 20, 2013

The beginning of our California Vacation.

We are having a great week. The 18th was my birthday, and we headed out to California!

It's not every day that you can leave zero degree weather and find yourself taking off the boots and coats, and instead wearing t-shirts and sandals. It is great to feel the sun on your face, and I have always loved it when its warm outside even after the sun has set! Yesterday we swam as a family and it was great to swim outside and have a good time outdoors without freezing to death. I can see why people retire here.

Today we spent a few hours at the beach. The weather is very nice, sunny and its around 70 degrees. It is probably too cold for normal people to swim, but not for me....yes when it comes to the Ocean I'll swim, even in January! I'm not talking about getting in half way, I was literally swimming, diving into the waves today. At first, it took my breath away, but after a while my skin was numb to the cold water and it became very nice and refreshing. I love the Ocean, I feel like I have some connection to it. It must be my childhood, when my family lived here I was very young, but I have great memories playing in the Ocean and on the beach. I can remember swimming and playing in the water, and laying in the hot sand. The Ocean reminds me of happy, carefree times, when life was simple. 

I was surprised, Gregory and George are tough, and they also love to swim, so they swam in the Ocean with me. They are fish. They love water like I do. It took a lot of courage to not only swim as large waves splashed in their faces, but also the fact that the water is ice cold would scare most children away. But not my sons, they were fearless and loved it.

Stan loved the beach too and really enjoyed getting his feet wet, gathering sea shells, and we gathered a lot of really cool ones, we saw Dolphin not too far from where we were swimming, and we had a picnic lunch prepared. It was great family fun!

So far our California vacation is absolutely perfect and it has just started. We are going to Disneyland as well, I thought we'd go three days, maybe four....but Stan totally surprised me and purchased 5 day tickets to Disneyland, so we headed there tomorrow! It should be great fun. We'll see if the boys continue to be fearless... Stan is taking Gregory on the tower of terror. I hope he survives!!!! 

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