Friday, April 5, 2013

The Croods... Our first Cinema Experience

Today I was adventurous, and decided to take Gregory and George to the movies. The only movie playing appropriate for a 4 year old and a 2 year old was The Croods. So that's what we went to. We purchased a large bucket of popcorn which kept George happy, Gregory enjoyed the popcorn as well, but he was mostly interested in the movie. To my great surprise, both my boys loved the movie and made it through to the end! I thought for sure we would only make it through part of it. The Croods is a great family movie, especially for boys. It's a movie full of fast action, surprises and crazy new creatures.

Now that we did so well with our first movie, I'm going to take the boys out to the movies more often! This is an exciting time, a time when my boys are beginning to do more, and are old enough to have more and more fun with their mom. I've never been a girl who loves to be home all the time. I've always been on the go. Since I was a teen, I've been running... Involved in everything and anything that seemed exciting. I've been lucky enough to have been involved in all sorts of sports, academics, study abroad, served a mission in Paris etc etc  However, after graduating from BYU I had Gregory and George followed soon after... And thus began Brooke learning to love being at home. It's been a challenge, but I have loved being a mother, and my boys are so precious to me that it's been wonderful spending every day together. But today, being able to just go and enjoy a spontaneous movie, reminded me  that there are many adventures to come with Stan and our boys...and that as a family we have a lot of good times ahead of us!!! Hopefully, even more exciting than going out to the movies :) For now, however, it's pretty exciting.

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