Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pictures, Pictures, and more... My favorites from my phone the past year or so!

I am always worried that I will somehow lose my photos and then have nothing to show my boys about our life while they were young. I take a lot of photos, so the following are definitely not a complete list, in fact these are just some of my favs from my cell phone. So the quality isn't awesome, but they represent wonderful memories worth keeping around. My computer has been broken for almost a year now, so I don't have access to many of my photos but here are a few.

This cute photo of Gregory was taken about 2 years ago camping just outside of Las Vegas.

Here we are at Temple Square during the Christmas holidays.

It was really cold, I remember, but nevertheless very fun. Stan, the boys, and I stayed in Salt Lake for a night and had fun spending time together there.

Here we are, again during Christmas, at the Shops at Riverwoods. We just came from visiting Santa.

Zoo lights are always a lot of fun. The boys did not understand why we didn't see many animals at the zoo.

The Zoo has a great Merry-Go-Round which makes up for not seeing too many animals that night.

My boys look so young in this photo. They have grown up so much this past year.

Sweet George! Love this little guy.

Birthday balloons :)

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George loves Jamba!

So excited to go swimming!

Swinging at the park!

Ice cream cones at Macy's. They always have large cones!

Handsome boy!

Here is George playing with toys downstairs in our Tooele home.

Winnie-the-Pooh is supporting Gregory with his patching!

George at Parker's Park in Tooele.

We LOVE stroller rides!

By the end of the summer Gregory could go across these bars!

Happy Birthday Gregory. 4 years old.

Hannah and Ethan celebrating with Gregory on his birthday.

Stan knows how to get a lot of tickets.

Trying to get a better score.

One day we all got locked out after we had come home from the park. We just waited outside the house until Stan came home from work.

Gregory loves taking photos. Here is one he has taken. My hair was super long.

Best Buddies!

GIANT homemade water slide. Gregory and George LOVED it.

So cute!

George loves taking baths in the sink. He's getting too big for  this.

Cotton Candy. It was yummy but ended up all over the boys. Sticky Sticky!

Stan getting Gregory ready for his first soccer game last fall.

Gregory wants to play chess because Stan is so good at it.

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Eating powdered donuts on the bus. That was our tradition before the Front Runner finished. While living in Tooele we took the bus to Orem all the time because it was way cheaper than driving. So we would go to Maverick and buy donuts and get some cash and head to the bus. Some mornings we got up really early to get a good start. Taking the bus made the trip a lot longer.

Swimming at Grandma and Grandpa's las vegas house.

Getting ready for pre-school...George had to have a backpack too!

Love my boys. We three have so much fun together. We have gone to Temple Square a bunch of times, and it is always a great experience.

Group HUG!

Hanging out at the Zoo. Our friends had a Zoo pass and was nice enough to invite us!

The Great Salt Lake. We had a great time!

Camping in the middle of nowhere.

Stan, the boys, and the Hiller's at some random lake again in the middle of nowhere camping. 

We can't always go swimming so the bath is second best. My boys are half human half fish!

Soccer has been a wonderful thing for Gregory. George is so excited for when it's his turn to score a goal!

Watching Gregory play soccer. I have such good memories screaming for Gregory on the sidelines. He has scored so many goals both fall and spring season. He's such a great athlete! George will be just as good when he's old enough to play.

Carving pumpkins on the porch.

Climbing up modern art at BYU.

Happy Halloween at the Zoo.

George's first haircut. He was so happy, and he looked so grown up! Such a good boy.

We were getting some family photos taken, and I just snatched on of my boys in the studio..

Stan's such a great dad, out in the snow making a great snow cave for his boys to play in!

Playing in Salt Lake City, at the City Creek Food Court, there is a great dino play place which my boys love. We went there during Christmas, and then we went there again yesterday. 

Getting ready to make our way to Disneyland from our hotel in Southern Cali. I'm just as excited to go as the boys.

So happy that we were able to find a time to snatch a photo with Mickey and Minnie. Really cool that they were together. Usually that doesn't happen.

This was a fantastic morning. It had rained so everyone left the park. We three felt like we owned the place.

This was a really fun new area of California Adventure Park. Really loved spending time with my family here!

Gregory and George love babies. Here they are feeding their twin cousins.

Here are some of Gregory's and George's buddies, James, Matthew, and Luke. Five boys together at the Zoo.

I thought poor little George was going to need stitches. I'm terrible with blood so I frantically called everyone I knew. Thankfully, Amy came over all prepared and got things in order! 

Grandma took us to the Heber Creeper for Easter. It was awesome. What's better than a train ride and a petting zoo. The boys loved it.

Here is Stan, his dad and grandpa, and our two boys.

Gregory pretends that he's the "Dad" and is taking George on a vacation. See you later Mom they both said as they headed off.

Just bought the boys some fun new spiderman flip flops. They thought that was pretty cool stuff!

Halloween last fall. We all dressed up and had a great time trick-or-treating.

Gregory is getting tired waiting for his ice cream cone at the BYU creamery. It's great ice cream, but it can get busy there.

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  1. So cute Brooke! Your family is adorable! They are getting so big!