Sunday, August 25, 2013

Vegas in July

On our way home from Vegas this year we took the LONG way :) We stopped and visited Bryce Canyon. We only stayed in the park long enough to see some of the views, but it was still really fun.


We spent on day on the Vegas Strip. It was fun to see some places that we haven't seen before. We visited during the day so that it was more family friendly. As night approached we decided to head home.


The best part of going to Vegas is staying at the Nelson's home. Stan's parents bought this as a second vacation get-a-way. We love to go down to Vegas mainly because we have a fun place to stay and swim. The boys truly became fish this trip. They were swimming with and without their life vests and really having a good time. I love swimming too, and we literally spent days and days in the pool.

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