Saturday, September 7, 2013

Bridal Veil Falls

Gregory and George love being outdoors. They had so much fun today as we went on a short hike to Bridal Veil Falls. They especially loved looking at the fish swim in the fish pond. They wanted to catch the fish with their hands, but didn't succeed. I think Stan has two fishing buddies, soon-to-be three fishing buddies. I'm sure this next boy will want in on the action as much as my first two do.

Stan and the boys are so much fun to hang out with. The boys had their shoes and shirts off and jumped into that cold, freezing cold mountain river water faster than I could even pull out the camera. They were nice enough to pose for a second for a photo. Gregory is trying to help George keep his focus for a second so I can take a quick pic. As soon as I was done, they were all back in the water braving the cold water and sharp rocks.

 I'm getting excited to exercise, more than walking and hiking. Once I'm no longer pregnant it's going to feel good to get myself back into shape. I think running in Ireland will be nice since it's basically at sea level and I'll love running with my new stroller. Stan and I just purchased the Phil and Ted's S4 inline stroller. It's pretty amazing, I've already taken it on long walks. It's not only a great running stroller, but it's the size of a compact stroller, and it's made for one or two kids. The back seat comes off, so if I only need a stroller for one child I'll just take that back seat off. Super convenient!

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  1. Fun day! That is such a beautiful area. I am glad you got a phil and teds too. It will be a good stroller for you guys in Europe. I have several friends with that stroller and like it.