Monday, September 23, 2013

School Carnival and Wheeler Farm

The Hillcrest school carnival this year was a really fun experience for my boys. My sister Hannah helped me take my boys around to all the different attractions. One of their favorite rides was this giant shark which they were able to climb up to the top and slide down the inside of its mouth. They were able to do it over and over again.

This short video is of George and Gregory sliding down the shark's throat. I don't know why it's publishing sideways, and I cannot figure out how to rotate it. So if you rotate your head, it works alright.

Gregory was quite brave and decided to challenge himself and attempt climbing the large rock wall. He did very well and almost made it to the top several times.

The food wasn't great, but George thought it was pretty yummy. What's better than hot dogs and soda pop on a hot afternoon?


I met up with some of my good friends from Tooele and we went to Wheeler Farm. I had never been there before, and I was amazed how fun it was, and there was no entrance fee. There are lots of things to do and animals to see at Wheeler Farm. My boys really enjoyed chasing the birds and feeding the ducks on the lake.

There were lots of animals to see: goats, chickens, sheep, roosters, cows, horses etc... Everything and more that you'd expect to find on a farm.

Gregory and George had such great friends in Tooele. We are going to miss them!

Right to Left: Violet, Gregory, George, James, Jonah, Luke, and Summer.

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