Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Stan's 30th Birthday Party and ...

Stan's birthday party was a huge success! We had such a fun group of people show up. I know that Stan had a good time and definitely felt loved. Thanks to everyone who showed us such great love and support. We will definitely miss you when we are in Ireland.

We held the party at the Nelson's (Stan's parents home). It was lovely as ever, and it was very nice of them to host our gathering!

My Mom volunteered to make the cake. It was an AMAZING birthday cake. Three layers to represent 30 years! It had raspberries crushed on each layer... pretty yummy!

Before the party began, we had a little present opening party with just us. We got Stan a few shirts and a pair of paints. We individually wrapped each one so that it looked more exciting. The boys each chose their favorite shirt to give their daddy. They helped me wrap and make little tags for each present. Even the baby gave a shirt to daddy.

Gregory and George LOVE their daddy!

Towards the end of the birthday party, George ran into an open door downstairs and hit his little head really hard. The cut was deep enough that he had to receive four stitches. I was so proud of George, I really could not believe how he handled the whole process. I had to hold his little hands and hug him, and Stan had to hold his head firmly down while the insta-care doctor inserted three shots into George's little head. I thought he would scream like any two year old. But not George, tears were in his eyes, but he just whimpered and informed us that this really hurt. I had to fight tears, I could NOT cry if George wasn't going to. The doctor was very impressed with sweet little George. We are hoping to get the stitches out the day before we leave, but if not then we'll have to find a doctor the first week we are there to have the stitches removed.

Four stitches and only two years old.

I guess we'll never forget Stan's 30th birthday party! Other than the insta-care visit, Stan had a good birthday weekend. The following day after his party he was able to spend time with good friends who had organized another party. So overall, Stan had a great birthday weekend!

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