Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The next six weeks!

I cannot believe that I am this far in my pregnancy! It's crazy how fast this summer has gone and how far I am. Because I'll need another (my third) c-section, I get to deliver at 38-39 weeks. Since I'm already 33 weeks along, I only have at the most 6 weeks left. Normally, the last six weeks are the worst and they linger the longest. However, I know that these next six weeks are going to fly on by. We leave for Ireland in two days. Then, if we survive the three flights, we will then need to set up our lives in Ireland. The first week we are going to live in a hotel. We will need to buy all our furniture, since there is nothing in our future townhouse, buy a car or two, get a mobile phone, get Gregory all set up for school etc etc etc. We are going to buy all our furniture from IKEA, so we will have to put together an entire house! From the welcome mat, if we purchase one, to beds, couches, kitchen supplies, and we'll need to buy some food at some point too! I feel like we are newly weds again trying to remember everything we need to buy and what is absolutely necessary to get our townhouse feeling like a home. With all that, I will also need to find a doctor, a hospital, make sure I understand how the medical system works, insurance etc. I'm hoping this can be accomplished in six weeks. I want to set up the boys bedrooms and nursery, the list never ends. We really should paint as well, but being so pregnant, I don't think painting is necessary right now. That will have to wait. Too bad some rooms have bright orange and neon green, these fun colors are definitely not my first choice especially in the front room and formal dinning room. I would replace them with something a little more classic, like a light French grey or something neutral, calming, and beautiful.  October will be a fantastic journey, I'm so excited to set up my home, I know it will be a lot of work, and I know the next six weeks will fly by. It will be a race to see what we can accomplish before our newest baby boy arrives.

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