Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ambulance, ER, and overnight stay at the hospital.

Gregory and George have had colds this week. We kept them home from church and literally in bed and it seemed to work, their colds were getting better and I was planning on taking them to the zoo today.

After reading scriptures last night we put the boys to bed, and they went without a fuss. Stan and I were up packing for his business trip to Dublin and listening to a podcast. About two hours after the boys went to sleep I heard George coughing. It sounded pretty bad, and I hadn't been sleeping too long yet, so I got out of bed and found George sitting up in bed coughing and struggling for air. I brought him to bed with Stan and me, and Stan tried helping George feel better. He kept struggling for air and so we took him downstairs to give him some cough medicine and a drink of juice. We couldn't get anything to stay down, his throat was closing off. We wrapped him up and went outside to help get him some air.  That helped a little I guess, but he was weasing and weasing his skin was so white and his lips were turning purple.  We immediately called 999 the Irish emergency number Thank heavens we knew it.  The ambulance was sent out but got lost trying to find our address.  George was doing worse and worse,  gasping now for air.  Arching his back,  sucking as hard as he could. George was suffocating right in our arms. Stan and I traded holding him, each hoping we could get him into a position where he'd receive the most air.  Minutes felt like years as we held little George.  At times I thought he was going to pass out.  Finally finally the ambulance came.  We had left the house and were out on the main road in our estate.  George's little chest was sinking deep down with every attempt to breathe.  In the ambulance he was put on oxygen, and it helped, but his chest was still collapsing and he kept falling asleep. The whole ride to the hospital we had to keep little George awake.

Once at the ER,  George was given a lot of medical attention and medicine,  and after two long hours finally was breathing on his own again. George and I spent the night in the children's ward, and Stan took Gregory home. They slept together and Stan took him to work and eventually came to the hospital to get George and I. Stan is now in Dublin,  and I'm right next to sleeping George. I dare not leave his side.  Soon we will need to go get some medicine and dinner, in case another episode occurs tonight I need the right medicine on hand.

How precious life is. I feel so blessed that my son didn't leave us last night.  I know if he had that he would be loved and cared for but I can't imagine life without my precious little boy.  I've never felt so panicked or helpless as I did last night.  A night that will haunt me for years to come. George told Stan last night not to cry.  Later in the ER after George was starting to breathe, Stan asked him why he told him not to cry.  George responded that Jesus was with him and told him no crying and that he loved him. What comfort it brings me to know Christ lives,  He loves us,  and is here to comfort us.  I believe He was with George last night.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Rocky Bay, a beach with waves!

Gregory running along the sand. He really wanted to swim today, but we only let him get his feet wet. As soon as I deliver my baby, this is what I want to do. I want to run along the beach with Gregory.

Big beautiful waves crashing. There were surfers out there continually getting smashed against the waves.

More than the sea, George loves the sand. He found a stream coming down the hill that empties into the sea. He loved playing in the sand and getting his feet wet in the stream water.

Gregory loves the sea more than anyone. It doesn't matter what time of year he wants to swim.

We had another fun day at the beach. Stan and I found a new beach called Rocky Bay. It was a blast. We did a little hike around the rocks and found a private beach. This was really fun, and we discovered some caves that were formed from the crashing waves. However, as time went on the tide came in and we had to get out of the cove. The beach completely disappears when the tide comes all the way in and we didn't want to get caught against the rock cliffs or trapped in the caves.

The sun was shinning and the wind was calm, which made for a nice afternoon on the beach. After about two hours, we felt a chill in the air and rain clouds starting to cover the sky. We thankfully were in warm, dry clothes, driving in the van, on our way home before the rain began. The Irish weather is very unpredictable, nice and warm then windy and rainy. Glad we timed this afternoon well.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Myrtleville Beach

It's too much of a temptation to go to the beach when it's only 15 minutes away. It rains a lot here in Ireland, so when the sun comes out, no matter what's going on, my first reaction is let's do something fun. Stan was at work and I knew we only had a few hours after Gregory's school, so after I picked him up we headed for Myrtleville Beach. We began by playing on the beach. I knew after we swam that we would be wet and cold and would want to go home. After a while of playing in the sand we jumped in the water. This time not only did we jump in, but we swam. We were out in the water for at least 30 minutes. Next time I'm going to bring the life vests, because Gregory goes so far out there that I need to be out in the water with him. But I didn't like leaving George on the beach. He would come into the water a little bit, and he being two, almost three, years old, shouldn't be left by himself either. The life vests would help keep them both afloat until I could reach them if necessary. Not to mention that I'm 8 months pregnant and I'm not as quick as I would normally be. SO finally I decided to lift George onto my shoulders, that way I could be out deep with Gregory, and George was with us but not getting wet. This is the way in which we three could swim in the sea together. It was quite exhausting dodging the ice cold waves with George on my shoulders, but the thrill of it all outweighed the effort. Gregory and George laughed and laughed. I don't think Gregory would ever leave the water, but finally one big wave overcame him when he wasn't looking, and that was it. He was finally done for the day. After our long cold swim, we made our way back to our stuff. The boys were so cold, so I grabbed all our gear, wrapped the boys in towels and blankets, and we went straight to the van. The boys took off their wet things and I had dry warm clothes for them to put on. Thank heavens our van has a good heater. In a matter of minutes the boys and I were warm and dry in the van driving home. What a fun adventure! I can't wait for summertime. It will be much warmer and I won't be pregnant. I think we will spend a lot of time on the beach. I've heard there are many wonderful beaches, so far we have only discovered this one. I'm sure that will change soon.

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Cork Gathering, Cork Rebel Week

"Cork Rebel Week 2013 will take place between the14th & 20th October, 2013. It will be a week-long celebration of“all things Cork" with a specific focus on bringing International visitors and family home to Cork County and Cork City throughout the week."

This week was Cork Rebel Week. There were many different things happening this week, but we had district conference, so Stan attended the priesthood session Saturday afternoon, I joined him for the adult session Saturday night, and then we as a family went to the Sunday session together. However, before the priesthood session began on Saturday, we did spend a few hours in the city centre of Cork to enjoy some of the festivities of Cork Rebel Week. Here's what we did.


  • Naval ships from around the world dock at the Port of Cork for a three day International Naval Festival. Open to the public, Free admission. Meet the crews and explore the ships!"
This was a very fun thing to do as a family. We even were able to board a ship and take a look around. We are planning on doing this again next year!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Charles Fort

This past weekend, we drove down to Kinsale and visited Charles Fort. We took a guided tour and learned about how and why the fort was built, what is was used for and who lived there.
I feel lucky that I didn't live during the 1600s. It must have been very difficult. I'm especially happy that I didn't have to live at Charles Fort. It was nice enough especially for the time, but it made be grateful for what I have and all that I'm blessed with.

 Stan gave me his coat, I left mine in the car. It was a cold day, but we didn't get rained on so that's good. After visiting the fort, we went back to the car and all bundled up better. We are going to need to get used to wearing a lot of clothing on our outings. We then went around Kinsale. Such a beautiful little city on the cliffs. We ate at Jim Edwards, a little pub in town. The locals call it "bar grub" I had homemade baked lasagna with fries and a salad. Gregory and George shared an order of chicken tenders and fries, and Stan went with fish and chips. Yummy warm food on such a chilly day hit the spot with us all.

This is the "city" within the walls of the fort.

The entrance to the fort. 

Outside the fort, overlooking the city of Kinsale.

Monday, October 14, 2013

The Seaside in Ireland

It's awesome living by the sea. There's something magical about it. I have wonderful memories at the beach growing up, and even as an adult I get so so excited. I really don't care what time of year it is, if there's some sunshine I'll jump in.

Getting ready to jump in...

8 Months Pregnant

It was a really fun day, today. We took advantage of the beautiful sunshine and before going to the seaside we went to the park and played after picking Gregory up at school.

These next photos are of Gregory's school. I took them this morning as Stan and I were dropping him off.
It's a brand new school, just built over the summer. It's located on the opposite side of our village up on a hillside. It's very lovely.

Here is Gregory standing in the front of the school, opposite side of the last photo.

This photo is not of school... This is Gregory's primary class in church. They all had a lot of energy, and in the middle of class decided to jump all over each other. I'm glad Gregory and George are in the middle of this pile; they are feeling more and more apart of things here in Ireland each day. I think they are both fitting in just fine :)

Thursday, October 10, 2013

St. Fin Barre's Cathedral, Cork

Tonight our good friends invited us to attend the Southern Utah Heritage Choir preform in St. Fin Barre's Cathedral in Cork City Centre. It was amazing. We loved the cathedral and the choir and the boys were quiet enough as they played games on our phones. Here are a few photos of the outside of the cathedral before the performance began.