Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ambulance, ER, and overnight stay at the hospital.

Gregory and George have had colds this week. We kept them home from church and literally in bed and it seemed to work, their colds were getting better and I was planning on taking them to the zoo today.

After reading scriptures last night we put the boys to bed, and they went without a fuss. Stan and I were up packing for his business trip to Dublin and listening to a podcast. About two hours after the boys went to sleep I heard George coughing. It sounded pretty bad, and I hadn't been sleeping too long yet, so I got out of bed and found George sitting up in bed coughing and struggling for air. I brought him to bed with Stan and me, and Stan tried helping George feel better. He kept struggling for air and so we took him downstairs to give him some cough medicine and a drink of juice. We couldn't get anything to stay down, his throat was closing off. We wrapped him up and went outside to help get him some air.  That helped a little I guess, but he was weasing and weasing his skin was so white and his lips were turning purple.  We immediately called 999 the Irish emergency number Thank heavens we knew it.  The ambulance was sent out but got lost trying to find our address.  George was doing worse and worse,  gasping now for air.  Arching his back,  sucking as hard as he could. George was suffocating right in our arms. Stan and I traded holding him, each hoping we could get him into a position where he'd receive the most air.  Minutes felt like years as we held little George.  At times I thought he was going to pass out.  Finally finally the ambulance came.  We had left the house and were out on the main road in our estate.  George's little chest was sinking deep down with every attempt to breathe.  In the ambulance he was put on oxygen, and it helped, but his chest was still collapsing and he kept falling asleep. The whole ride to the hospital we had to keep little George awake.

Once at the ER,  George was given a lot of medical attention and medicine,  and after two long hours finally was breathing on his own again. George and I spent the night in the children's ward, and Stan took Gregory home. They slept together and Stan took him to work and eventually came to the hospital to get George and I. Stan is now in Dublin,  and I'm right next to sleeping George. I dare not leave his side.  Soon we will need to go get some medicine and dinner, in case another episode occurs tonight I need the right medicine on hand.

How precious life is. I feel so blessed that my son didn't leave us last night.  I know if he had that he would be loved and cared for but I can't imagine life without my precious little boy.  I've never felt so panicked or helpless as I did last night.  A night that will haunt me for years to come. George told Stan last night not to cry.  Later in the ER after George was starting to breathe, Stan asked him why he told him not to cry.  George responded that Jesus was with him and told him no crying and that he loved him. What comfort it brings me to know Christ lives,  He loves us,  and is here to comfort us.  I believe He was with George last night.


  1. I'm so sorry-what a scary night to have. I'm so glad George is happy and feeling better!

    1. Hey Kari, it was a terrible night! But like you said, he's feeling better now and just about back to normal. I hope things are going well for you, keeping up with school, and having fun I'm sure!