Thursday, October 10, 2013

Junior Infants, First Days of School

I just dropped Gregory off at school. He attends Carrigaline Educate Together National School. Gregory is an amazing boy. Not only did we move right before starting him in school, this is his first year, he did not know a single person in his class, and to top it off we moved across the world to an entirely new country, time zone, and culture. Gregory has shown great confidence and stability in this move. He is happy, loves Ireland, and has made life here great. Gregory and George both love our new home, made so many friends, and has done well overall.

Here is Gregory standing in front of our home in Ireland ready to go to his first day of school. He was very happy and brave, and did very very well. I always thought I'd cry sending him to school, but there were no tears. I was happy for Gregory, he only goes half day and honestly he needed something to do during the day that was fun and productive and that gave him a chance to interact with other children his own age.

George doesn't like that his best buddy is gone every morning, so Gregory keeps telling George that he's lucky because he gets to stay home with Mommy. George of course wants to go with Gregory to school, and his misses him so much. He constantly asks, "When is Gregory coming home."

 Tomorrow we have to go to the immigration office, so Gregory will be missing school tomorrow. So today is the last day of his first week at school in Ireland. I'm so pleased that it has gone so well!

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