Monday, October 28, 2013

Rocky Bay, a beach with waves!

Gregory running along the sand. He really wanted to swim today, but we only let him get his feet wet. As soon as I deliver my baby, this is what I want to do. I want to run along the beach with Gregory.

Big beautiful waves crashing. There were surfers out there continually getting smashed against the waves.

More than the sea, George loves the sand. He found a stream coming down the hill that empties into the sea. He loved playing in the sand and getting his feet wet in the stream water.

Gregory loves the sea more than anyone. It doesn't matter what time of year he wants to swim.

We had another fun day at the beach. Stan and I found a new beach called Rocky Bay. It was a blast. We did a little hike around the rocks and found a private beach. This was really fun, and we discovered some caves that were formed from the crashing waves. However, as time went on the tide came in and we had to get out of the cove. The beach completely disappears when the tide comes all the way in and we didn't want to get caught against the rock cliffs or trapped in the caves.

The sun was shinning and the wind was calm, which made for a nice afternoon on the beach. After about two hours, we felt a chill in the air and rain clouds starting to cover the sky. We thankfully were in warm, dry clothes, driving in the van, on our way home before the rain began. The Irish weather is very unpredictable, nice and warm then windy and rainy. Glad we timed this afternoon well.

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