Thursday, October 10, 2013

The necessity of heat and hot water, furniture, and DRIVING ahhh!!!!

The first few days in our new home were cold ones. We could not figure out the Irish heating system and so we were cold and dirty. Not having heat is a weird feeling. We kept ourselves bundled up as warm as we could despite not having heat, but hot water is harder to get. We needed hot water to wash dishes, wash laundry, take showers etc. After a few days of trying to figure the system ourselves, we called up some friends from our church branch and they were able to help us out. It wasn't so difficult once we were shown how it all worked. So I am happy to announce that we have a warm home, clean dishes and clothes, and we take warm showers every morning and the boys get their bubble baths at night.

Today is a good one because the boxes that were missing from our furniture delivery last week are coming today. Hopefully, we will have a bed to sleep on and a table to eat on by the end of today. I'm tired of sleeping on a mattress on the floor eight months pregnant and eating on the floor using a cardboard box as a table. The first few days weren't so bad, but it's starting to get old.

I left the craziest topic for last. Driving. Driving in Ireland is crazy!!!! We purchased a mini van so that we and if any visitors come will all fit. It is awesome not to be scrunched in a tiny little car, but wow the roads are sooooo tiny that I'm starting to see why so many people drive mini coopers! Not only are the roads itty bitty, but they drive on the left side of the road. Every time I drive I end up making a turn onto incoming traffic. Yesterday, I was leaving my appointment at the hospital and I was in a rush because I needed to drive to the opposite side of Cork to pick up Gregory from school. The hospital is located in Wilton and the school is where we live in Carrigaline. So as I was pulling out instead of making a correct left turn, which is more like a right turn in America, I turned into four lanes of oncoming traffic. CRAZY! I quickly adjusted and went straight through the intersection instead of completing the turn.

Today dropping off Gregory I was at another intersection waiting for the light and I was going to make a right hand turn, remember I'm on the left side of the street, and my brain switched over and I thought why am I sitting here when the right lane is open...So I merged onto the wrong side of the road and almost made a huge mistake. I had to reverse back into my lane. The cars coming towards me had to stop why I went back into my right place. Had I successfully made the right turn on the wrong side (which is the literal right side) of the road I would have crashed head on.

I keep telling Stan it's not if but when I'll get into a crash. Hopefully I'm wrong :)

George is safe at Daddy's work while I'm at the doctors and driving around the city.

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