Monday, October 14, 2013

The Seaside in Ireland

It's awesome living by the sea. There's something magical about it. I have wonderful memories at the beach growing up, and even as an adult I get so so excited. I really don't care what time of year it is, if there's some sunshine I'll jump in.

Getting ready to jump in...

8 Months Pregnant

It was a really fun day, today. We took advantage of the beautiful sunshine and before going to the seaside we went to the park and played after picking Gregory up at school.

These next photos are of Gregory's school. I took them this morning as Stan and I were dropping him off.
It's a brand new school, just built over the summer. It's located on the opposite side of our village up on a hillside. It's very lovely.

Here is Gregory standing in the front of the school, opposite side of the last photo.

This photo is not of school... This is Gregory's primary class in church. They all had a lot of energy, and in the middle of class decided to jump all over each other. I'm glad Gregory and George are in the middle of this pile; they are feeling more and more apart of things here in Ireland each day. I think they are both fitting in just fine :)


  1. There is something magical about the ocean. Lets go swimming in it when we come at Christmas :-).