Saturday, November 30, 2013

Three hours in Dublin

From what I saw, Dublin is an amazing city and we could have spent three days exploring it...which I hope to do at some point. However, last week, when William was only eight days old, we had the opportunity to explore Dublin for three whole hours.

With our relocation package, we decided to purchase all of what we currently own from IKEA. In Ireland the only IKEA is located in Dublin, and they do not allow online orders. So to purchase one must go to the store, which is a three hour drive from our home in Cork. Because of this long drive, we have only been to IKEA once and at that point we purchased all of our furniture. We were unable to get everything because IKEA didn't have all that we wanted in stock, like the chairs to our dinning room table. We have been checking online several times a week to see when they'd be in stock but they never were. Luckily we have some great friends here in Cork, and they have family who live in Dublin only ten minutes away from IKEA. So they were kind enough to go there and pick up four chairs for us when they finally came in stock when William was just eight days old. So we all jumped in the minivan and we headed to Dublin. After our three hour drive there, we only had three hours to explore Dublin, then we had to pick up the chairs from our friend's sister's house, and then we had to run to IKEA before it closed to make some returns and pick up a few more items since we were in town.

I was very proud of myself, eight days after having my third c-section, I was walking up and down the streets of Dublin. It was so much fun to see this beautiful city, and I cannot wait to go back when I am feeling better. I would like to spend three or four days there. There are lots of beautiful shops and designer stores to visit and explore, good food, chocolate shops, and caf├ęs, and the historic buildings and monuments worth a longer look. I have no idea what streets I walked down or what I really saw because it's all kind of a blur, but we did see some of Trinity College built in 1592, some beautiful city office buildings, etc.

Trinity College established in 1592
Crossing from the Shopping Centre to Stephen's Green in Dublin

Lots of people out shopping in Dublin
Grafton Street Dublin

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