Saturday, December 14, 2013

One Month Old

William is one month old today. It's kind of weird how fast time has gone, but how much has happened in just one month. I'm recovering from my cesarean section better than ever, I'm still far from being fully recovered but most days I'm up and about. In Ireland, after a c-section, you are not cleared to drive unless you get a doctors note which I did for the first six weeks. Driving is a necessity, I have to get Gregory to school and back, I had to get Christmas bought, and Stan was gone for about ten days bouncing around Europe on a business trip. It was good that I was able to drive around when needed.

Stan's mom, Lora, has been here since William was born helping out. She has been so kind to keep the house functioning. She goes home this week, and she will be missed. A few days after she leaves my brother Lyndon, his wife Christine, and their two children arrive to spend Christmas and New Years with us before they head to Paris for a few months while Lyndon does a study abroad for his last semester of law school. We are happy to have family here for the holidays!

Gregory, George, and William are all doing well, slowly adjusting to all the big changes in our lives. In just three short months, we have moved across the world, Gregory started school, William was born, and we had to get our lives set up while trying to enjoy ourselves in Ireland and make sure holidays were special for our boys. I think we have done a good job so far, it's just been busy busy busy and time has flown by like never before.

Here are a few photos of William on his one month old birthday! He has the cutest dimples... but I haven't been quick enough to get a photo of them. Hopefully soon :) William loves to be held. Most days and nights, if he's held or right next to me, he is a happy, easy baby. It has been so much fun to just sit with him hour after hour and hold my sweet baby boy.

Baby William, one month old today! December 14th, 2013

William is such a handsome little man!

George and Gregory hugging with their friend Avery.


  1. I love how all three of your boys look just like little Plothows. As does Lyndon's little Henry!