Monday, January 13, 2014

Aunty Nellie's Irish Sweet Shop

The last day Christine, Cosette, and baby Henry were here with us, we spent the day in Carrigaline. One thing we did was to stop in at Aunty Nellies Irish Sweet Shop. This is the yummiest place around. A little shop just stuffed full of Irish sweets! The kids get to chose whatever looks yummy and at the end they weigh it and then it's placed in a little striped baggy and it usually ends up around one euro. Pretty fun and yummy! I really love Carrigaline. It's full of fun places to discover, shops and bakeries, the park is excellent and it's not too busy. People say it's too far from Cork City Centre, but I think it's perfect.

We ended our day eating a late lunch at Hassett's. The kids were all over the place, the townspeople couldn't help but look. It makes me laugh, because as our children are climbing over chairs trying to find a place to get situated... they create quite a disturbance and others in the bakery just had no problem starring. Finally, there was one lady that could do nothing but stare at us, so I smiled and said, "Are we good entertainment for you?" She didn't understand me and just smiled and kept starring at us. ha ha ha I have no shame in bringing my kids everywhere with me. We make for good entertainment for those that sit alone at a quite table.

Now that the holidays are over we are trying to get things cleaned up... but it doesn't always happen like that...

This is such a funny picture. I was so tired today, and this just shows it. I'm just sitting on the bed holding William and I don't want to do anything. Gregory and George were playing around in my room taking pictures and videos. 

The two older boys cannot be happy without baby William. They sneak into his room when he's taking a nap and wake him up. I caught them in action!

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