Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Fota Wildlife Park

Below is a post about the first time we went to the wildlife park here in Cork... but we went again, so I just wanted to add a few photos to this post. It's located on Fota Island, and it's truly amazing. So many of the animals are free to roam about the park. I love the freedom the animals have, and I am sure they do as well.

Here are some photos of my kids next to the free-roaming animals on this latest adventure.

Original Post...

We had a marvelous day out at the zoo, or Fota Wildlife Park.

I did not know how open and free the animals would be, it was great. My friend had a year pass which lets in a group of people, so we were able to tag along with her pass and get in. It was wonderful! Other than my boys getting overly tired and somewhat emotional at times, we had a perfect afternoon which ended at McDonald's! Gotta love the "dollar menu"... or "2 euro menu" ha ha!

This is a giant tree that has fallen over due to the latest storm. Look at those large roots!

Here are the kids waiting to watch the cheetah. They put food on a rope and whip it around a track and the cheetahs chase after it as if it were still alive. Good fun! The cheetahs always win in the end... yum yum!

Such cute kids! Can you see the Zebra in the background?

Can you see the MONKEY??? There's no cage!

Gregory was dancing with the peacock!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Baby Blue Boy

William, my sweet baby boy, is now three months! After bundling all three of my boys up and taking Gregory to school, I had to take some photos of George and William because what's better than just playing with my boys and taking some photos to remember the morning by. And besides, I love doing it, taking photos is something I love to do.

It's still too early to know for sure, but I think William will have blue eyes like his daddy. George has eyes just like mine, green with orange... we like to call them tiger eyes! Gregory has beautiful eyes, his are a greenish-blueish mix.

This is probably my favorite photo of the morning, he's so cute!

Here's a cute little video of THE NELSON'S!

Christmas in Ireland

(I accidentally erased this blog post... I found bits of it elsewhere on the internet so I will paste what I found and repost the pics. I'm going to be careful not to use my mobile blogger app anymore.)

There's something wonderful about wrapping gifts and setting them under the tree. I always think back to my
childhood and remember how excited I got just thinking about Christmas morning. My boys are at a fun age,
everything to them is amazing and very fun. This Christmas was very special because we now live in Ireland 
so everything is new and different, and because my brother and his wife and kiddos came over to Ireland to 
spend Christmas with us. It was very nice to have them here, and they leave this week for France and I am 
sad to see them go...

Baby William's FIRST Christmas!

George LOVED Christmas. He was excited about everything!!

Gregory and George loved their Irish hats. They love anything to do with Ireland. Whenever we do a toast it's to.... Ireland! Got to make where ever you live the best place... and right now it's Ireland!

Here's Cosette, the sweetest little girl I know! And my brother Lyndon and his son Henry on the couch.

Here's our little Irish Christmas tree :) I think the boys had a good Christmas this year!

They seemed pretty excited to open up their gifts!

Friday, February 14, 2014


This week has been busy! Gregory had broken all three pair of glasses... And I found that I can get new ones for free by going down to the health centre in town. So I went to the city centre and it took an hour to find a parking spot. Then I put George and William in the buggy and it began to rain. I'm so grateful for the rain gard, it saved us! The administrator was very helpful and in no time I had the paperwork done. Later that day after Gregory was done with school, we went and picked out new glasses. I only had to pay the 20 euro replacement fee so not if but when his glasses break we get new ones for 18 euro each time.
Then a day or two later my tire or TYRE went completely flat. They spell tire TYRE... So my friend Jenna helped me change a tire. Crazy! I did most the watching and she the changing but it got done! The original tire which was only four months old was no good... Not fixable... So we bought a new one and Stan assured me that he's going to put the new one on :)
This is adorable George playing at the Health Centre at Cork City Centre. I just bought him this new outfit, and I think he's perfect!

Jenna is the woman! Look at her changing my TYRE like it's no big deal :)

Gregory just got his hair cut this week.

I think baby William looks like me. He's now three months old!

Yogurt here is YUMMY!!!

Gregory, George, and William... three great little boys!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Walking Tour of Cork, Ireland.

A few weeks ago it was a beautiful winter day and a Saturday.... so Stan and I thought it would be fun to take a walking tour of Cork. There's an app on Stan's phone that organized this three mile walk around Cork. We parked the car and began our walk up the long hill to the Church of St. Anne. This church is located in the Shandon district of Cork on top of a large hill overlooking the River Lee. St. Anne's church has beautiful bells in its large bell tower that ring beautifully. 

 Here we are climbing the stairs up to the bell tower and eventually we pass it to the top where you get a beautiful view of the city.

We all had to wear gear to protect our ears in case there was another visitor ringing the bells as we passed through them.

 Here are some great views of CORK. It was a fantastic day, blue skies and warm, temperate weather for late December!

Here's a good photo of the tall tower of St. Anne's church.

Here I am with William below the Bells. There are instructions or bell music there so you can follow along pulling the different strings and play the music. It's very nice.

From St. Anne's Church we walked some distance to UCC. University College Cork. It's a beautiful campus in the heart of Cork.

University College Cork

Next we walked to St. Finn Barre's Cathedral, founded in 606 AD.

"Saint Fin Barre
Legend has it that St. Fin Barre was the son of Amergin, whose tribe was descended from Eochaidh Muidmheadoin, brother of the king of Munster. Amergin settled in the territory of Muskerry, in the county of Cork, where he obtained an inheritance and land at a place called Achaidh Durbchon, near the spot afterwards known as Gougane Barra, at the sources of the river Lee. He was chief smith to Tighernach, king of the Hy Eachach of Munster, and he married a young woman of the king’s household. As this was in defiance of the king’s wishes, the couple was summoned before him and he sentenced them to be burned alive. A storm of thunder and lightning, with heavy rain, prevented the decree from being carried out. This was regarded as a divine interposition and they were set free.
A child was born from this union and they returned to Gougane Barra, where the boy was baptised Luan, or Lochan. When he was seven years old three clerics of Munster, returning from a pilgrimage to Leinster, happened to stop at the house of Amergin. They admired the boy for the grace of the Holy Spirit that seemed to them to shine in his face, and were allowed by his parents to take him away to be educated. He studied at a place called Sliabh Muinchill, where, as was usual at the time, he was tonsured and had his name changed. The cleric who cut his hair is said to have observed, “Fair (finn) is the hair (barra) of Luan.”"Let this be his name,” said another, “Barr Finn, or Finn Barr.”
Saint Fin Barre eventually came to the marshes of Cork in 606AD where he founded a monastery with what became a renowned monastic school on the site of the present Cathedral.  Christian worship and learning has continued here ever since.  He died in Cloyne in 623AD and is said to have been buried in the the graveyard somewhere near the east end of the present Saint Fin Barre's Cathedral."

Afterwards we headed the rest of the way down the hill to the shopping centre of Cork. We got a hot chocolate at Butlers and then found our way to the car.