Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Christmas in Ireland

(I accidentally erased this blog post... I found bits of it elsewhere on the internet so I will paste what I found and repost the pics. I'm going to be careful not to use my mobile blogger app anymore.)

There's something wonderful about wrapping gifts and setting them under the tree. I always think back to my
childhood and remember how excited I got just thinking about Christmas morning. My boys are at a fun age,
everything to them is amazing and very fun. This Christmas was very special because we now live in Ireland 
so everything is new and different, and because my brother and his wife and kiddos came over to Ireland to 
spend Christmas with us. It was very nice to have them here, and they leave this week for France and I am 
sad to see them go...

Baby William's FIRST Christmas!

George LOVED Christmas. He was excited about everything!!

Gregory and George loved their Irish hats. They love anything to do with Ireland. Whenever we do a toast it's to.... Ireland! Got to make where ever you live the best place... and right now it's Ireland!

Here's Cosette, the sweetest little girl I know! And my brother Lyndon and his son Henry on the couch.

Here's our little Irish Christmas tree :) I think the boys had a good Christmas this year!

They seemed pretty excited to open up their gifts!

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