Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Fota Wildlife Park

Below is a post about the first time we went to the wildlife park here in Cork... but we went again, so I just wanted to add a few photos to this post. It's located on Fota Island, and it's truly amazing. So many of the animals are free to roam about the park. I love the freedom the animals have, and I am sure they do as well.

Here are some photos of my kids next to the free-roaming animals on this latest adventure.

Original Post...

We had a marvelous day out at the zoo, or Fota Wildlife Park.

I did not know how open and free the animals would be, it was great. My friend had a year pass which lets in a group of people, so we were able to tag along with her pass and get in. It was wonderful! Other than my boys getting overly tired and somewhat emotional at times, we had a perfect afternoon which ended at McDonald's! Gotta love the "dollar menu"... or "2 euro menu" ha ha!

This is a giant tree that has fallen over due to the latest storm. Look at those large roots!

Here are the kids waiting to watch the cheetah. They put food on a rope and whip it around a track and the cheetahs chase after it as if it were still alive. Good fun! The cheetahs always win in the end... yum yum!

Such cute kids! Can you see the Zebra in the background?

Can you see the MONKEY??? There's no cage!

Gregory was dancing with the peacock!

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