Friday, February 14, 2014


This week has been busy! Gregory had broken all three pair of glasses... And I found that I can get new ones for free by going down to the health centre in town. So I went to the city centre and it took an hour to find a parking spot. Then I put George and William in the buggy and it began to rain. I'm so grateful for the rain gard, it saved us! The administrator was very helpful and in no time I had the paperwork done. Later that day after Gregory was done with school, we went and picked out new glasses. I only had to pay the 20 euro replacement fee so not if but when his glasses break we get new ones for 18 euro each time.
Then a day or two later my tire or TYRE went completely flat. They spell tire TYRE... So my friend Jenna helped me change a tire. Crazy! I did most the watching and she the changing but it got done! The original tire which was only four months old was no good... Not fixable... So we bought a new one and Stan assured me that he's going to put the new one on :)
This is adorable George playing at the Health Centre at Cork City Centre. I just bought him this new outfit, and I think he's perfect!

Jenna is the woman! Look at her changing my TYRE like it's no big deal :)

Gregory just got his hair cut this week.

I think baby William looks like me. He's now three months old!

Yogurt here is YUMMY!!!

Gregory, George, and William... three great little boys!

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