Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bunratty Castle

The Bunratty Castle is a great place to visit in Ireland. It must be a big tourist destination, because I felt for a moment that I was vacationing in America, there were Americans everywhere. One group had ancestors who lived in this castle, so their voices echoed through the grand halls and tiny stair cases about how they wanted to take their castle back. I loved it. At the top of the castle, one American volunteered very happily to take a photo of our family. I appreciated that I didn't have to ask :) We decided to visit the Bunratty Castle and the village beside it, because we were traveling to Limerick for district conference. It was only a 15 minute drive from Limerick to county Clare and Bunratty, so we thought mind as well do it!

Gregory and George loved petting the animals just outside the castle. This pony was adorable, they really wished that they could take a ride on him.



This goat was hungry and not afraid of anyone. My boys thought this goat was a lot of fun.

George and his new pet goat.

The village cathedral

Inside this home, a woman was making homemade apple pie. The home smelled so yummy!

The old school room
Take a look at those dogs on the mantel.
They look like the ones I found in London and brought home for
 my mother when I was 19 and on my study abroad program.

The Bunratty Castle

The rest of the photos are of the castle. (The photos above are of the surrounding grounds and village next to the castle.) There a lot of photos, you may feel that you are visiting each room with us, and you may be right.

This is the dungeon, and if you look close you will find a prisoner still lives there.

One way into the castle.

les toilets

Bed chamber, and look at that dress.

The fam on top of the castle!

King Gregory and Kind George sitting on the throne!

Driving home
Thanks Bunratty, we loved visiting!

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