Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Camping in Southern Utah... Paradise!

Southern Utah is a paradise for camping, hiking, backpacking, biking, and so forth. Stan and I both love to camp, and we have three boys who love to camp, so I guess camping is one of our things.

This trip we drove down to the south entrance of Canyonlands National Park. We were able to go on a bunch of short family hikes, and we ended our trip in Arches-- so we could hike Delicate Arch. Stan woke up early one morning and went on an eleven mile hike on his own through Chesler Park. That day he hiked over fourteen miles with all the smaller family hikes we went on.

arriving to the campground
We woke up at 4am the day we traveled to Canyonlands. We did this because the campground inside the park is first come first serve, so we wanted to be there bright and early. Unfortunately, all the spots that were going to be vacant because someone was leaving had a person or car waiting for it. That was annoying, but we did find a beautiful campground on BLM land just outside the park, and it was great with a river running behind us and it was FREE!


picnic area at our campsite

First family hike to Pueblo Indian grainery.

Pueblo Indians grainery

Second family hike to cowboy camp and Pueblo Indian petroglyphs

Third family hike, Pothole Point

Chesler Park, Stan's eleven mile journey

Heading to Arches from Canyonlands

Newspaper Rock, Utah State Historical Monument


Arches National Park

I was very proud that both Gregory and George hiking the entire way on their own. Three miles of hiking was difficult for them, but they did it. I had baby William in the baby backpack, and Stan made sure the other boys didn't walk off cliffs, and kept us all hydrated with all the orange juice and Gatorade inside his hiking backpack.

When we turned the corner and saw this beautiful arch, the wind was howling by us and was pushing the boys around. It was somewhat scary and people were yelling at us to make sure our kids weren't going to be pushed off the cliffs by the wind. George started to get afraid and said that he was going to have an accident if we didn't go back. He started to say, "I'm freaking out, I'm really just freaking out!" So we didn't stay up there long. We went back down to the main park of the trail, and the wind was normal there again and everything ended up great. We did laugh the whole way down the trail, and for days afterwards, about how funny the situation was. I'll never forget the grown men clinging to the edge of the cliff fearing the wind was going to push them off, and yelling at us to hold on to our kids! ha ha

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