Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Birthday Gregory, 6 years old!

Star Wars is Gregory's new love (besides Minecraft). So this is my best attempt at a Star Wars Cake, Master Yoda. Gregory loved it, so I was happy! Gregory got a bunch of Star Wars stuff and Star Wars Legos. He and George also got wet suits and sand toys, which will make going to the beach this summer even better.

Gregory has grown up so much this past year. He has almost completed his first year of school, at the CETNS Junior Infants Class. He has done very well, always is willing to go, and making the best of it even though he is the only American. It is challenging for him, because his school is like an international school. There are children from all over the world, and so many of them form groups and speak their own language which has been hard. However, Gregory is very social and does his best to be nice to everyone and make friends. Gregory has begun to read books. He loves to read. We are going to read all summer long, and if he reads 15 books we will do something fun as a reward. George is right there learning, and I think will be reading books soon.

For Gregory's birthday, I went to his school and we had a little party. I had the class sing Happy Birthday to him, and then we handed out a little party bag to each child. Each bag had a cupcake, toy, and candy. I think the class enjoyed that, and I know Gregory loved it.

Gregory and George have found some new friends in our little neighborhood. That has been great for both of them to be able to play outdoors with a group of kids. Right now they love playing in our house and outside in our backyard. I like them playing here so that I can keep an eye out for them. Gregory and George also have amazing friends from our Cork branch at church, and we constantly get to do fun things with them.

Gregory loves his two brothers, and the three of them will grow up best friends. They are lucky to have each other, they hopefully will always love one another and look after each other.

Master Yoda Birthday Cake

 Birthday Presents

Skyping Grandparents 

It was nice that Gregory received birthday presents all the way from America from his grandparents! Both Gregory and George loved all the fun toys and candy inside!

Gregory is holding up 6 fingers, he now can use two hands to show his age!

Party No. 2

The more parties the better. A few days after Gregory's birthday we had another birthday party. His friends got him Legos and Minecraft toys... pretty lucky! Gregory is blessed to have so many people who love him. Happy Birthday Gregory, Mom and Dad love you sooooo much! I cannot believe that you are already six years old!

Star Wars Cupcakes

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