Sunday, July 13, 2014

Being young in the summertime

My three sons and I are spending the summer in Utah. My boys have had a blast so far. They are in kid heaven. The play outdoors all day long, swimming, sliding on the slip-n-slide, bouncing and sleeping on the trampoline, and playing on the playground in my parent's backyard. They are lucky to have such great aunts and uncles who play with them. They are especially lucky to have Ethan, their twelve year old uncle and my brother who is making this summer the best ever! The boys are getting plenty of sun, summer foods, and outdoor playing time. Because it rains a lot in Ireland, we do not get outdoors like this. Whenever it is sunny in Ireland we go to the beach or do something adventurous, but I think for the boys, it is fun to be able to play outdoors all day everyday! I am happy that they are loving life so much. I remember doing similar activities in this very backyard when I was young. It is nice to see them relive my childhood and create memories that I have. There's nothing better than being young in the summertime!

Spending time with my boys, there's nothing better!

The daily swimming routine

 Sam joined in on the fun one afternoon

Jumping on the trampoline with Hannah

 Hanging out in the front yard

the reason why we came

It's always fun to come home to Utah for a visit. This visit was especially wonderful because we were able to be apart of Sam and Erin's wedding.

For the most part, we enjoyed beautiful summer-like weather which made our stay very nice. I flew out to Utah with the three boys at the end of March and Stan joined us three weeks later. We all had another three weeks together, then came home May 5th. It is strange how fast six weeks can go when you're having such a good time! I really wasn't ready to return home to Ireland when it was time, but that's okay, we love it here and coming back to Ireland is a good thing.

So going back to "the reason why we came" Sam and Erin's wedding was wonderful. I am so so so happy that we were there! Hannah, my youngest sister, took some photos of the event; and I am glad that she did.

At the temple...

At the reception...