Sunday, July 13, 2014

the reason why we came

It's always fun to come home to Utah for a visit. This visit was especially wonderful because we were able to be apart of Sam and Erin's wedding.

For the most part, we enjoyed beautiful summer-like weather which made our stay very nice. I flew out to Utah with the three boys at the end of March and Stan joined us three weeks later. We all had another three weeks together, then came home May 5th. It is strange how fast six weeks can go when you're having such a good time! I really wasn't ready to return home to Ireland when it was time, but that's okay, we love it here and coming back to Ireland is a good thing.

So going back to "the reason why we came" Sam and Erin's wedding was wonderful. I am so so so happy that we were there! Hannah, my youngest sister, took some photos of the event; and I am glad that she did.

At the temple...

At the reception...


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