Monday, September 29, 2014

Stan's 31

Almost every year, of our married lives--- which has only been seven years, I have thrown a "surprise" birthday party for Stanley. It has always been a surprise, but somehow almost every year Stan figures it out. So this year, I think Stan just really wanted a relaxing birthday with no surprises or even attempts...

We spent the day just around the house. We had a yummy breakfast, bacon and eggs a Stanley fav, and for dinner we had Hawaiian Haystacks. My dishes were adaptations of these, but still very tasty. I didn't really do a proper birthday cake, but I did make a "Brooke approved" carrot cake with almond flour and honey. I thought it was one of my better attempts of making something sweet, but I'm not too sure Stan thought it was nice. For one who does not eat any sugar it was sweet enough, but for the normal consumers of all things sugar it probably tasted like bread. Next time I'll add more honey I guess!

Before coming back to Ireland, I was able to find a great deal on men's clothing at the new outlets in Lehi. I kind of bought Stan a new wardrobe and I was so happy because he LOVED it! He even got rid of some of his old clothes, so that's assurance for me that he truly liked his new stuff, if he's willing to toss out some of his old stuff. The boys each gave Stan a superhero shirt, one was a superman t-shirt and the other had a big lightning bolt on it. I'm not sure which one this was for, Stan just told me that it represents... The Flash. I knew this shirt was cool, because I saw another man wearing it on the frontrunner, he was heading to ComicCon in Salt Lake City. Stan has been wanting to go there too, and I'm sure he'll get there someday.

Anyway, the day was very relaxing and fun. It was nice to be here in Ireland, I was originally going to miss Stan's birthday but thankfully I had recovered well enough to come back early and it all worked out that I was able to switch my flight at no additional cost which made it possible to be here before my GNIB card expired, which ended up being essential if I wanted to come back at all since now in the airline system my place of residence is Ireland. I don't know why but in SLC they asked to see my residency card, and noticed that it was expiring in a few days. They would not have let me on the plane had that card been expired, and it would have been expired had I not come back to Ireland earlier that originally planned. Whew! But more on that later...

Well, Stan, I love you! I am glad we are together in Ireland for your birthday. We have an exciting fall and winter ahead of us, and I am happy that I get to share my adventures, happiness, and even sadness with you! This past year has been a hard one, so good in many ways, but at least we haven't been board!

Happy Birthday Stan! I love you forever!!

Carrot Birthday Cake

Birthday Presents!

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