Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Trip to San Diego

My brother and his wife (Sam and Erin) were moving to San Diego to live, and I had the opportunity to drive down with Sam to help them move. We had a really fun time despite the fact that most of the trip was driving. Here we are at the beginning of the trip. How lucky to be able to hangout with my siblings Maggie and Sam. I really enjoyed sitting and talking with them as we drove. My three boys were amazing. They are great travelers.

The first night we stayed at Stan's parent's house in Las Vegas. It was great to have a place to stay, swim and relax. It made the trip great fun.

After a good night sleep, we went to church, then we were on the road again headed to San Diego. When we got there we went to Coronado. Coronado, also known as Coronado island, is an affluent resort city located in San Diego County, California, across San Diego Bay from downtown San Diego.

It was a perfect little island to explore, and crossing the bridge was amazing!

After this we stayed with Erin's family who live near San Diego. It was very kind of them to let us stay over. It felt great to get a hot shower and a good night rest after a long day of driving.

The next day it was time to drop Sam off at his new place and head to the beach!

After the fun day on the beach, we headed home again. Stopping for a day or two in Las Vegas again, then back to Orem, Utah.

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