Sunday, October 12, 2014

Senior Infants, Gregory's Second Year of School in Ireland

The first few days being back in Ireland, we just kept to the house and tried to recover from the seven hour time difference. We probably didn't wait long enough, because on the way home from collecting Gregory from school his first week back, I was driving on the wrong side of the road. Funny story because I didn't actually understand what I was doing wrong until I had to stop because there was a car directly ahead of me coming towards me. That car had to stop, and I just froze, and it eventually went around me. I realized my mistake and got back on the left side. We were going to visit a friend, a few mom's from school were getting together. 

First day of school for Gregory.  He's now in Senior Infants and doing great! He's loving school this year. They keep all the kids in the same class, so he knows everyone and all he needs to adjust to is the new teacher, and she's great. One of my favorite parts of the day is sitting down and snuggling up to read each night. Gregory brings home a new book everyday, and he's doing well learning new words everyday and he is remembering more and more. George is right there learning too, he wants to be big too. I had to buy him school books so he can do his "homework" alongside his brother. Those two... Adorable!!! As William grows, the three of them will hopefully be best friends for life.  

George gets to start as a Junior Infant next fall. He is really excited and ready. If we lived in Utah, George would have to wait another year, but here you can start at four and a half. He has his matching school and lunch bag, ready to start!

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