Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fishy Fishy

Fishy Fishy is a restaurant located in a coastal village named Kinsale. It's about 30 minutes from our home in Carrigaline. I love Kinsale. Stan and I have been to Kinsale only a few times, and each time I just fall more in love with it. For a while now, I have wanted to dine at this quaint restaurant called Fishy Fishy. The menu is ever-changing as it depends on what fish they catch that day. All fish is very fresh and very tasty. I am happy that we had the opportunity to eat here. Stan's parents came over to Ireland for a quick visit this past week. On their last night here we took them to Fishy Fishy for dinner. I think they really enjoyed it too! I had monkfish for the first time, and it was very delicious! I want to go back and try everything on the menu. The only one who really did not enjoy this place was Gregory. Gregory loves fish, they are his friends, he thinks he is part fish as he loves to swim especially in the ocean. So when he saw Stan's dinner; a big, red lobster, he cried out, "Grosses Day Ever!" He thought he might be eating fish too, which he was not. He ended up eating a bite or two of his pan-fried chicken and homemade chips, and we took the the rest home. I ended up making him a berry smoothie and he was content and afterwards went to bed.

I believe this is the owner of Fishy Fishy next to his boat.
 I wish we had taken a photo of our group at Fishy Fishy... maybe next time we will :)


  1. Poor Gregory! We loved Kinsale. I could have spent a week there. Next try the Bullman Pub. Best fish and chips ever!

    1. Stan says the Bullman is the best in Kinsale! He goes there to eat with his boss when he comes into town. I can't wait to try it sometime :) I'm glad you guys ate there!

    2. Yeah, we were really lucky because we just stumbled upon it. It was raining and we were walking in from Charles Fort (we are nuts) and it was the first pub we ran into. After we got back to your place I checked out guide book to see if it mentioned it and it was the number one place it suggested. So moral of that story is you have to go! :-)