Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Cork Christmas Celebrations: Ice Skating and the Ferris Wheel

Cork On Ice

I really wanted to do this last year, and we just didn't get to it. Plus just having a c-section, it wouldn't have been wise to go out on the ice. However, this year we did it! Stan and I took turns on the ice while the other was on the sideline with William. It was very fun. I am a bad skater, but we had these very friendly winter animals to help: the penguin and the seal. They made the difference, you never had to fall down on the hard ice, we just held onto these guys and went for a ride. George and Gregory took turns riding on the seal, and Gregory even tried holding onto the penguin and would try to skate on his own for a bit then quickly he would grab a hold again to the penguin before falling. He did fall a few times but he really did a good job. Stan is a much better skater than I, and he did a great job taking the boys around the rink. He even escaped into the adult side for a real go, and he loved it. Skating is a great workout and it takes some practice. When I ice skate, I always think of the professionals and Olympians who can do spins and flips and all sorts of tricks, and land perfectly on the ice. It is very impressive!

Cork Holiday Markets and the Ferris Wheel

We did go on the ferris wheel last year with my brother and his family. It was a good memory for us, so we did it again with our little family this year. The boys loved it, and afterwards wanted to tryout the carousel. Both were fun... anything like this is great. I love getting outdoors and being involved with what the city has to offer. They also had many booths set up with all kinds of yummy food for sale. There really wasn't anything I could eat, but it was fun just to smell all the good smells!

After riding on the ferris wheel we went to the shopping centre at Wilton and there I chopped my hair off. (http://stanbrookenelson.blogspot.ie/2014/12/chopped.html) So I believe this is the last photo taken with my long hair. It's not even that long here, I cut six inches off earlier this year, and then I took another 4 or 5. I've almost cut off an entire foot of hair this year!

Look at Stan's beard! I think it's the longest beard he has grown since we've been married. I think he looks great! I also love this photo because it captures a big, happy smile from William. This kid is so cute. He is just a precious little baby boy! The other day he was trying to get into the fireplace and we use the fireplace so it's full of ash. So I told him in a very kind voice, "no no no..." and he burst into tears! This kid is so sensitive that if I even look at him the wrong way he's upset. I make sure to always give him lots of love!

Happy Christmas! I love spending time together as a family during the holidays. We are far from all our extended family, so we spend a lot of time doing fun things with just our little family. I am blessed to have such a great husband and children who want to go out and do things together. I'm glad we are making memories! I know that families can be together forever! I love my eternal family!!


  1. Super cute post! I love that your family gets to spend time together--and in such an awesome place. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas! Love you!

    1. My dear friend Elyse! Happy Christmas! Love you lots xx Next time I'm in town we have to go out to lunch and catch up! Have a very merry Christmas :) Miss you!