Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Dublin Zoo: Family Fun For All!

We have been wanting to go to the Dublin Zoo for over a year now. So last week Stan came home from work and said this Saturday let's go to Dublin! And so we did!

I think my favorite animal is the panda bear. He was not here, but his relative was. I wanted to take this fella home with me!

Penguins! I love them, and so do we all. They swim so gracefully and effortlessly... it is fun to see them in action. There are so many cartoons involving penguins, that I thought they would line up and do a dance and sing for us. Maybe next time :)

Stan is a good dad. When George gets tired, but doesn't want to go in the buggy because now he's a big boy, he will say that his leg hurts and Dad knows then that he's wanting a ride. Stan is good to just throw him up onto his shoulders and carry him for a bit.

William is such a great kid. He comes along, travels well, and just is happy to be with everyone. I have been blessed with really good babies. They make life fun because we aren't stuck at home for fear they will have a melt down or something if we take them somewhere. William is a happy boy, so kind, and loving.

This gorilla was sleeping right by the glass. They boys loved this because they pretended to touch his back as he slept.

I'm so happy that we had a good day together at the zoo. It really doesn't matter what we do, but if we are happy together and making memories then it's like heaven on earth. I know that my family can be eternal. I love Stan and all three of my boys. I want to be together forever, and I know it's possible through Heavenly Father's plan. I am so grateful for the knowledge of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am proud that I am member of His Church here on the earth, and I hope that I may always keep the commandments and my temple covenants so that I may live with all my loved ones forever!  

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