Monday, December 1, 2014

George is FOUR! How did that happen?

Well my baby Georgie no more! He is now four, and very ready to grow up. It is fun to see your kids grow up but terrifying as well. George is a lovely boy. He's so good and tries so hard to please his family and friends. He absolutely adores Gregory. He wants to be just like him, he follows him around, and cannot wait to go to school with him. A few days ago I explained to him that once he goes to school he won't be in Gregory's class. He was very sad about this, he did not realize that going to school together meant difference classes, and they won't even be in the yard together during breaks. But that's okay, he still is counting down the days to go! 

George is also a wonderful big brother. He loves William, at times maybe a little too much! He is so happy to have a younger brother and wants to hold him, care for him, make him laugh etc... He cannot wait for William to be big enough to run around the house with him and play. I think one of his favorite things to do, is to kiss William all over and make him laugh. They will be great friends.

When I asked George what he wanted his birthday theme to be this year, he came up with all sorts of fun ideas, but he ended up wanting it to be a soccer party! I was able to find a 3-D soccer mold at The Home Store and More, and it was even half off which made me happy so I bought a castle mold as well for William's birthday which is just three days after George. 

The soccer cake turned out alright. I can get kind of crazy about the cakes I make, hoping for perfection, which of course never happens... but with that said it turned out pretty cool and George LOVED it, so that's all that matters! It took two days to make it, it ended up being a lot of work, but totally worth it.

Stan was in charge of buying the party decorations and he did a really GOOD job! He found the soccer table cloth and bought loads of yummy food. I was grateful for all the help I received, parties are a lot of work...

Here is George ready to take a bite of his SOCCER Cake!

George is really lucky to have such great friends! We have wonderful church friends and neighborhood friends. I think there was like 15 kids all together, so it was a party, loud, crazy and perfect for George. He felt like the man of the house! He loved it!!

The kids were so kind to make him feel important. They would just circle around him as he opened up all his gifts and birthday cards. They all were super excited to see what he received for his birthday.

We held George's birthday on the Saturday before his actual birthday so more kids could come. The next morning as the boys were getting ready for church, they decided that they wanted soccer birthday cake for breakfast, so that's what they got! Birthday cake for breakfast, what's better than that?

 George... Mom and Dad, Gregory and William, we all love you! Thanks for being such a good boy! We hope you had a lovely birthday this year. xoxo

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