Monday, December 1, 2014

William is ONE... Fastest Year Ever!

 William my baby boy... where has this year gone? It's been such a crazy, crazy year! You are the best baby, and have made this year such a joy! You give me the best hugs and kisses and you melt my heart. One of my favorite parts of the day is when we go upstairs and go rock-a-bye. It's very special as William will sing with me as he falls asleep. I am so glad that he loves to snuggle up with me all the time. If he had it his way I would never put him down. He loves to play peek-a-boo and any game that connects him to someone else. He loves both his older brothers. He watches them and gives them great smiles. William is still crawling, but he is actually crawling and not army crawling. He does still do it every once in a while, he is probably faster army crawling but when we went to Portugal he did not like the sand on his belly and face, so it pushed him up and he began crawling normally. He is pulling himself up now, and soon will be walking, but again he just rather have me hold him. He is a snuggle bug! He is a beautiful baby, and I love him so much. I am glad he has made it to one years old healthy and happy!

Both Gregory and George LOVE their baby brother. They had such a fun time singing happy birthday to William because William was dancing to the music. We all had a good laugh and sang it again because it was so fun to see everyone get into it. Our party for William was simple and just with our little family, but it was nice and everyone had a good evening together.

William's birthday cake was a Castle. He was born in Ireland and there are so many castles here, and of course William is our Baby King so a castle cake was perfect for him :)

William thought this was so fun! He had no idea what to do with this HUGE castle cake. He never dug into it. We ended up trying to feed him some, but I think all that Betty Crocker icing was too sweet for him. 

William is so cute, look at those dimples!

 William we love you! Thank you for being such a great baby! You bring such happiness into our home! Happy Happy First Birthday!

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