Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas in Australia!

Christmas is a time to spend with friends and family. When you live in a foreign country, that makes things non-traditional. Stan and I have tried hard to make Christmas overseas still memorable and full of our own family traditions. Even though I would love to be home in Utah for Christmas with all of my family, Christmas was still wonderful. I love Stan and I love my three sons so much. Each of the boys made Christmas magical through their grateful hearts and happy eyes.

Most importantly, I love celebrating Christ's birth. We spent Christmas Eve at the temple here in Sydney. It was a nice way to remember Christ, and to teach our children about the importance of his birth. I know Jesus Christ lives and loves us. He is the way, the truth, and the light. "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."

Merry Christmas 2015

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Family Photos 2015

I always get excited to have family photos, but it's not easy to orchestrate everything. This year I couldn't find William's jeans, they fell behind the dresser, and I didn't find them until the day after pictures were taken. Oh well, William and I clashed a bit, but that's okay. I'm thankful we made it through, and now we have some wonderful photos to enjoy!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

November is Summer!

It feels like this year has been either Spring or Summer for us. In Ireland we just finished summer when we moved to Australia, and by doing so skipped fall and winter and went back into Spring. Now Spring is ending and summer is beginning plus it's the holidays! I've never had a warm, summer Christmas before, but it should be lovely! Tonight we went to Hyde Park in Sydney to an outdoor Christmas concert. It was really fun, even though we did get some rain, they handed out free ponchos to keep us there and it worked. The boys ran around and even danced to the music. They were especially glad that Santa showed up, and George kept saying how excited he was that it was almost Christmas! I think being five is such a special age, everything is magical and exciting!

November has been a good month. I changed my hair colour back to brown. We went to Coogee beach and swam for hours on a beautiful sunny day! Gregory lost two teeth this month. George finished his introductory school sessions for kindergarten next year. William is becoming a parrot and speaking very well. Stan and I both spoke in Sacrament meeting at Church last week. We celebrated two birthdays (George and William). We went on our first date which means we found a good babysitter that we trust. We saw the new 007 movie at the IMAX on Darling Harbour. They claim that it is the world's biggest IMAX. It was amazingly large! We did another IKEA run, which means I have knives to prepare our dinners with... cutting vegetables especially carrots with butter knives was getting old :) We've had the missionaries over to eat a few times this month. I cheated on my SCDiet and at some Australian favorites, such as Tim Tams, Mint Slices (my favorite thing!), iced VoVos, and huge fresh mangoes. It's super fun to start feeling apart of this new country and culture. (Here's a link with the above mentioned and more Australian favorite biscuits) The best part of November is that I started feeling like I was home. I think no matter where you live in the world, you need to make it feel happy and like you are home. This month the shock of moving, the excitement, and anxiety of everything involved from moving a family of five from one continent to another is wearing off and that peaceful feeling that you're home has set in. What a great opportunity it is to be living in Sydney, Australia. I still cannot believe that we are here! William always says, as he squeezes you in his loving arms, "HAPPY! HAPPY!" Yes William, we are happy!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Taronga Zoo by day, Darling Harbour Fireworks by night.

One of my happy places in Sydney is Taronga Zoo. It is paradise, it has the most beautiful views, it's massive, and full of wonderful animals. We have gone so many times now that I have lost count, and today was another afternoon at Taronga Zoo. We love all the different things that are offered at the zoo. We've enjoyed the bird, spider, and seal shows and all the animal encounters. Also, the zoo has a few parks inside that the boys can play at. Some of these parks include water features.

It was a beautiful hot sunny day, and for whatever reason we had the zoo to ourselves. It was awesome for the boys to play and roam without many others there.

The view from my bedroom

Water features at the parks inside of Taronga Zoo!

The views at the zoo are amazing. The giraffes especially have a lovely one!

Trying to catch the wild lizards, bunnies, turkeys, and birds that roam free at Taronga Zoo!

Saturday nights we often find ourselves close to home, outside watching the fireworks at Darling Harbour. This past week, the minions were there too!