Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Brooke's Birthday Bash

It's a new year, and that means it's my birthday month! I turned 31 over the weekend. It's weird to think that I am really in my thirties, I guess I am finally realizing I'm no longer 18 ha ha! We had a great weekend. I finished reading Rebecca which was awesome. Stan cleaned the whole house and organized a birthday party for me. I made a new spice cake and it actually turned out wonderfully (Brooke approved which means all ingredients were on my Crohn's diet. So I used almond flour and honey etc)! It was quite tasty. Then our friends stayed until midnight playing games!

I found this top, originally 30 euros, at the shops for a fiver (five euro) and could not pass it up. It was missing two buttons, but it had a few next to the tag, so after a few minutes of sewing on the buttons it's perfect. I love finding good buys!

This was my second birthday living in Ireland, and both have been great. We have had a great time here, with so many wonderful memories. I could live here for a very long time and be super happy! I have made a short video of what we did last year. It doesn't have everything, but it includes some of our fun trips back to Utah, some adventures in Ireland, Portugal, and London. We have been very blessed this past year, and I am excited to see what happens in 2015! I hope it will be as good as 2014!

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