Sunday, May 17, 2015

Visit Home to Utah 2015

Edward: home at last!

This year coming home to Utah was especially wonderful because I met Edward in the JFK airport on his way home from serving a mission for our church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints), in Cambodia. I had not seen Edward for two years! I flew in from Dublin to JFK airport in New York and my three boys and I just waited at our terminal for him to come. The boys got restless, so after a while we went on a walk and when we got back, there he was. He seemed taller, thinner, tanner, but it still was Edward! He looked right at me, then turned away. He did not recognize me. I yelled to Gregory, "This is him, come over!" He heard me yell Gregory's name and turned around again. He recognized me this time and picked me up (and I was holding William) and the three of us spun around, and I may have let out a little scream! So happy that we had that moment together! I love Edward and I had really missed him these past two years. The rest of our journey was great, Edward, my boys, and I just talked and talked. The plane wasn't full, so we took the last two rows, stretched out, and after a long chat we all five fell asleep until we landed in Utah. Best. Flight. Ever!


What's a vacation without some video games?

Easter egg hunt at Hannah's school.

Mark. Get Set. GO!

Easter Morning

William was obsessed with chocolate bunnies this year. He ate everyone's bunnies from their Easter baskets.


Maggie and Ky's Wedding

I am so happy that I was able to be here for Maggie's wedding. I love my sister so much, and I am so happy that I was able to see her marry the man of her dreams. Ky is awesome! I love him, and I am so glad that he is in our lives. I know that he and Maggie will be happy together, and I know that they will be a blessing to our family. Their wedding was awesome, the day went very well. Everything seemed picture perfect to me, and I especially loved the dance party at the end. Congrats Maggie and Ky!

The seven Plothow siblings... all grown up! Ethan is 13 and I'm 31. 

Backyard Fun with Cousins

My boys had a lot of fun just playing with their cousins who live in NYC. George and Cosette really had a great time together playing with their imaginations for hours together. George was very sad when his cousins had to go back home... 

Flying Back to Ireland

Flying overseas is a big ordeal especially with three small boys. William did not make things easy this time either as he screamed and screamed for about two hours. I fed him bottles, I bounced him, walked up and down the aisles, and finally he fell asleep. He slept the rest of the way and we made it back home to Ireland. Ireland always surprises me: the rains never stops, there are a million shades of green, the friendships I've made will last forever, and how much this country feels like home. I truly love Ireland, so leaving all my friends and family back in Utah is hard but Ireland makes it doable. 

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