Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Sam & Erin Come to Ireland!

Sam and Erin came and visited us this past week. It was a lot of fun to have them here and show them a few of our favorite places around Cork, Ireland. And it was great because the sun came out and it didn't rain! 

Day 1

The boys and I picked them up at the bus station in Cork City Centre. We ran to my favorite hot chocolate shop O' Conaill's and made it right before they closed. We got hot chocolate to go and walked along St. Patrick's Street, The Grand Parade, and back down along Oliver Plunket's Street. We got back to the car and drove home to Carrigaline where we had dinner. Then we all drove to the beach. After we got back, the boys were tired and we put them to bed; and Sam, Erin, Stan, and I played a board game until really late. It was a great night!

Rocky Bay Beach

Day 2

We got up early, Stan went to work, Gregory went to school, and the rest of us went out to breakfast. We ate at a lovely Irish place in Crosshaven, called Hassett's. It was good. I had a fruit parfait, the boys had hot chocolate and Irish scones with butter and jam. Sam and Erin ordered eggs and toast, with orange juice. George drank his hot chocolate and Sam's OJ... sneaky Georgie :)


Then we headed to Blarney Castle. This is a great Irish castle, the grounds are beautiful ---especially this time of year. There are dungeons and caves at the base, the castle itself is large and in good condition, and at the top you can kiss the world famous Blarney stone that is suppose to give you the gift of eloquence.

Charles Fort, Kinsale

After Blarney, we collected Gregory from school, went home and took a break. Afterwards, we all jumped into the car again and drove out to Kinsale and visited Charles Fort. This is a typical 17th century, star-shaped fort. I love this fort because it's very big, and the boys can run around and get some exercise. We all played hide-and-go-seek, tag, and the boys rolled down a large hill in the center of the fort. It was a little scary when they tried to get on the ledge, because if they fell down they would probably die. The fort is built up on the cliff's edge and there are many large rock walls overlooking extensive drops.   


We had the boys go to a friend's house for a few hours in the evening, so that the adults could go out to dinner and have some time to visit. We had made reservations to dine at Bunnyconnellan's located in Myrtleville. This is a nice restaurant on the cliff's edge overlooking the ocean. I had never eaten here before, so I was very excited to try it out! It was very lovely, and the best part is that we all had an enjoyable evening together! I was able to get to know Erin better and she is a doll! So fun to be around!

I really loved Erin and Sam coming to Ireland. It was great to spend time with these two. Since we moved to Ireland, my time with family living in the states has been rare. I am glad that I had two days to just play together and make good memories. 

The next morning we got up way too early 4:15AM, and went to catch the 5AM bus in Cork City Centre. I sat in the car until the bus pulled away. I didn't want them to go, but I am glad they made it up to Dublin with plenty of time to spare and caught their flight home back to California. 

Miss you guys already! xx

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  1. This was so fun!! I love all the pictures! Thanks for letting us come!! Love you guys xo!