Friday, August 28, 2015

Day 19? The end of Mom's holiday to Ireland

Well, this is the last evening before mother leaves Ireland. We had so much fun having grandma here, and I think she has had a wonderful time too! I've lost tract of the days because I have not been here the whole time... but the details of all that will have to wait a couple weeks more.

We got back Sunday morning, and we have had a great three days with Mom since then. I wish she could stay in Ireland longer, but she's been here almost three weeks now, so I guess it's time for her to go home. The last couple of days we've gone out to eat at lovely restaurants, went shopping downtown Cork, and found some great deals and even wonderful antiques. Mom found some beautiful silver stuff that is old and beautiful. We saw another castle, Blackrock Castle, and went to Cork's beautiful St. Finbarr's Cathedral. It's been so fun. I really could not have asked for a better time together!

While we were gone, Mom took the boys in taxis and did all sorts of fun things. She went to Crosshaven to "The Merries" which is officially called Piper's Funfair. It has all sorts of fun rides for the children to go on. They went to the cinema and saw, "Ant Man," and another day went to "kool kidz korner," which is a great indoor playplace where the boys played for hours. There's a giant bouncy slide, basketball court, and a large jungle gym where they climb all over and up different levels. They walked down to Carrigaline for ice cream cones, the sweet shop, the bakery, and the park. I could not believe all that they did while I was gone. I am glad that they had a great time together and made such happy memories. The boys really love their grandma, and they will miss her so much when she's gone.

St. Finbarr's Cathedral

Blackrock Castle

The Merries at Piper's Funfair in Crosshaven

Cork City Centre

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  1. Wow! You guys did a lot. Glad she was able to experience the Emerald Isle with you.