Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Day 3: Ross Castle and Innisfallen Island

Today we took Mom to the Ring of Kerry. We stopped off at Ross Castle, Kilarney National Park, took a boat to Innisfallen Island, and ate yummy pub grub! It was a great day!

Anyone fancy boat rides, well that is what we did today. We got on the first boat by accident, and we and all the elderly people over 90 took a very slow boat around the large lake. It was forever long as a nice young man gave everyone a guided tour of the area. My kids were not in the mood to be entertained by the tour guide so we sat outside in the back of the boat. You'll see photos of us in the back of a large boat later on. But after that we found the right boat, and he took us to Innisfallen Island. It was incredible, kind of creepy, but really cool, lush, and green. There were wild deer there as well which we saw a few times running around the place. The island is home to a monastery built in the 4th century. That was really great to see, and the boys found buried treasure!

Afterwards, we were all starving, so we found a nice pub and ate some good ole Irish grub. It was actually really nice, and the food was excellent. We really had a wonderful day together exploring Ireland. Everyone fell asleep on the way home, but that was fine with me, nice and quiet. Even though my phone battery died and I didn't have GPS to get me home, I didn't have a problem. I guess after living here for two years, I can now follow road signs, and I have some idea where I'm going!


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