Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Day 5: Rock of Cashel

It's been a fun week! Today we went to the Rock of Cashel. It was another beautiful, sunny day in Ireland, and we felt so lucky! My favorite part was lifting the stroller up and over an iron fence that only allowed walkers to enter. This pathway connected us from the Rock of Cashel to another medieval cathedral. The walk was decent enough, so we needed the stroller. We had some help from people watching us try, and it was much easier with their help. I really thought the walk was lovely down from the Rock of Cashel to this lesser known cathedral. It was in the middle of a cow pasture, and we were completely free to just walk onto the field to this beautiful medieval building. I didn't think we'd want to spend all day in Cashel, so made plans to go to the beach again if we finished early. But Cashel is a great little place, and we ended up spending the entire day wondering around. It has been so great spending time with my Mom, It's different being able to show her everything instead of just telling her about it over the phone.

The boys loved running up and down at the Rock of Cashel. This cathedral was built up on the highest part of the Cashel, The boys enjoyed "mountain climbing" the base of this great cathedral.

I really love this photo of William and me. William is just so full of love and I think this pictures his sweet spirit and loving nature.

I just love my three sons! They are so incredibly wonderful boys. They make life worth living, and they are so good to come along and make the most of it. I know they would rather just go to a park or sit home playing with their toys or watching movies, but I really love that they can come along and have fun with me. All summer long we have tried to get out of the house everyday, and I think it has been such a great summer--full of adventures and fun memories!

 Side view of Rock of Cashel. They have been doing repairs since I first arrived in Ireland two years ago.

This photo was take up at the Rock of Cashel looking over the valley. We ended up walking down a lovely little pathway to this other medieval cathedral.

Here's Mom at the Rock of Cashel!

 Here's another view of Rock of Cashel, on the opposite side from where we began. I love the sheep roaming all around the hillside.

Here's the other medieval cathedral in the middle of a field.

My mountain goat climbing up the old wall. It's incredible to me that we are able to just run around these old ruins. There are so many similar ruins in Ireland, that I don't think they have funding to keep it all in better care. Living here I have seen hundreds of ancient old ruins: cathedrals, castles, forts, burial grounds. Buildings that were built not just hundreds of years ago, but even thousands of years ago. One burial ground we went to just outside of Dublin was built before the Egyptian pyramids.

Well, it was another successful day trip with my wonderful mother in Ireland! Happy memories xx

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